Glass for the Showroom

Glass for the Showroom
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Casa Décor is a celebration of all things that make a house, nice and beautiful… everything that makes a house, a home.  As one of the most popular home goods store in Madrid, it is home to the finest interior décor items to spruce up living spaces.

For a showroom that underlines aesthetics, it is only natural that Casa Décor scored high on its aesthetic value as well. And what better way to add class than glass for the showroom?

Casa Décor chose a unique way of using glass for the showroom. It opted for the hanged ceiling to be suspended in glass as well as the wall cladding to be clothed in glass. This way, it was able to create an all-encompassing ambience in glass.

Saint-Gobain Glass at Casa Décor, Madrid

For the architects, VA Studio Arquitectura Interior & Feng Shui, Saint-Gobain Glass was the unanimous choice. They opted for a combination of two SGG variants – SGG Pixarena and SGG Planilaque Evolution, both perfectly suited to be used as glass for the showroom.

SGG Pixarena belongs to SGG Decor Glass, an exclusive range of patterned glass for vision control and decoration. This translucent, patterned glass is ideal for creating vibrant spaces, which is well-evident at the Casa Décor. SGG Pixarena’s design, colour and texture were just what was needed from a glass for the showroom, bringing in an aura of exquisite exuberance to the hanged ceiling. This is certainly one glass ceiling that none would want to break!

The walls of the Casa Décor were clad with the versatile Planilaque Evolution from Saint-Gobain. The pristine Ultra White shaded glass walls envelope the entire showroom in a sea of serenity. As a glass for the showroom, SGG Planilaque stands out for its unmatched attributes. It combines the ease of installation and maintenance with the finesse of its glossy texture. The aesthetics of this coloured & lacquered interior glass is matched only by the functionality of its virtues being moisture-resistant and scratch-proof. Its versatility is the perfect foil for its sustainability, the composition of eco-friendly material ensuring it remains sensitive to the environment.

Casa Décor has been designed to be a showroom par excellence. Each square inch of the interiors has been dedicated to be inviting for the discerning Spanish buyer. Right from the interior design to the novel way of using glass for the showroom, Casa Décor demonstrates that a thing of beauty, is indeed a joy forever!

600450 Glass for the Showroom

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