Glass for Europe releases a new video on daylight benefits

Glass for Europe releases a new video on daylight benefits
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Date: 15 September 2021

The benefits delivered by large glazed surface are more than we think. They provide access to natural daylight and a visual connection with the external environment.

The transparency of glass makes it an indispensable material in architecture. A new video from Glass for Europe highlights the unique ability of glazing to provide daylight into building and ensure a visual connection to the outside world.

Glazing ensures comfort and well-being in all type of buildings. Numerous studies have demonstrated the positive benefits in healthcare, educational buildings, workplace, as well as living places. The connection to the external environment and the access to daylight accelerate the recovery and improve learning capabilities and productivity.

Glass for Europe believes that minimum glazing surface criteria would allow to deliver genuinely sustainable and healthy buildings and should be included in all urban plans. The use of glass in constructions delivers economic, environmental and social objectives. National and local decision makers should adapt their thermal and local urban planning regulations, to include minimum glazed surfaces in new constructions and major renovations.

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