Gimav Members at Glasstec 2018

Gimav Members at Glasstec 2018
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Italian companies to display the world’s leading products at Düsseldorf.

An impressive number of Italian companies, exactly 54 members, are participating in the 25th edition of Glasstec, taking place October 23-26. All together, they will occupy a 10,650 m2 exhibit area. Pavilion 16, dedicated entirely to Made-in-Italy products for Flat Glass processing, will be represented by 47 companies. The Hollow Glass sector is represented by 7 GIMAV member firms, exhibiting in Pavilion 13.

This substantial participation is a tangible expression of Made-in-Italy excellence, a clear sign of the positive trend the sector is currently enjoying, as validated by the 2017 GIMAV Industry Report.

Exports is one of the mainstays behind industry growth, which actually exports more than 78% of its production to international markets. 

GIMAV member companies at Glasstec 2018

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Adelio Lattuada (hall 16 stand E40)
Many innovations on display at the Adelio Lattuada stand, celebrating its 40th anniversary. First of all, the Lattuada Robotic Solution, an innovative, flexible, high-performance application, with the following advantages: automatic and integrated in-line glass measurement, automatic adjustment of working speed based on glass size, continuous production for greater productivity and the possibility to turn the glass 90° or 180°. The breakthrough solution on display consists of two straight-line edgers with 11 wheels, a fully automatic glass size scanning device and a robot to connect the two machines, one of which will be in line with a vertical washer. In addition, there will be a 13-wheel, variable angle mitering machine with PC, on which several new solutions will be available for faster maintenance and greater ease of use, and an 11-wheel beveling machine.

Adi (hall 16 stand A22)
ADI Srl a company member of the Surfaces Technological Abrasives Group specialized in diamond and polishing tools for CNC horizontal and vertical, Automotive, Drilling, Straight and Double Edging Processes presents the UHS (Ultra High Speed) bond technology along with several patented solutions for glass processing. ADI UHS tool systems provide the most convenient Total Cost of Ownership. ADI is exhibiting with IGP (US sister company).    

Bavelloni (hall 16 stand C03)
At Glasstec 2018, Bavelloni will focus on customized solutions, where automation plays a significant role. On display, the VE500 V10 variable angle mitering machine with new features that greatly reduce manpower. Bavelloni will demonstrate the latest version of the Bavelloni HE500 11 3000: the double edger with cup wheels for grinding flat edge with arris, with optional features for automatic operation and smooth integration both upstream and downstream. On display at the stand, the VDM 1636 CN vertical drilling/milling center and the NRG330 POWERJET work center. These models can also be combined with automatic handling equipment for very high production rates in the areas of interior decor, appliances and refrigeration.  

Belfortglass (hall 16 E17)
After more than forty years of commendable work, Enrico Bovone has retired from the company, handing the reins to his son, Mauro Bovone, representing the new generation at Belfortglass. Aware that facing a competitive and constantly evolving market requires continuous commitment and considerable efforts in research, development and infrastructure, he is planning a corporate makeover, modernization of the production site and further expansion of the product range. The goal is to increase product performance to consistently ensure the best solution for every customer, helping them to achieve their objectives with greater efficiency.

Bottero (hall 16 stand A03)
Since 1957 Bottero has led the glass processing market in three sectors: flat glass, hollow glass and engineering. Bottero will unveil new solutions and technologies applied to products and glassworks management systems to enable increasingly higher levels of automation and interconnection, both in production operations and supervision, in order to comply with Industry 4.0 processes. An excited Bottero team is getting ready to welcome its long-standing partners and all other colleagues to its stand, with live demonstrations, expert consultants and its well-known Italian hospitality. 
Bovone Diamond Tools (hall 16 stand E41)
Star of the show, a revolutionary fitting system that Bovone Diamond Tools will debut at Glasstec 2018; also featured are its diamond cup polishing wheels, both metal and resin, with the aluminum hub attached to the spindle, but with a replaceable diamond part. This is true for all brands and models available in the marketplace. It translates to savings in terms of stocking and time and, of course, money. Code name: Click-Fit

Bovone Elettromeccanica (hall 16 stand F42)
Constantly aware of changes in market requirements and the demand for automation to increase productivity, Elettromeccanica Bovone Srl has expanded its product range to include BRS: Bovone Robotic Systems. The robots can be provided stand-alone, applied to existing edgers, or sold as custom-designed islands with two machines and two robots, to meet all customer needs. Bovone has filed an international patent application for this product.

CMS (hall 16 stand B58)
CMS Glass Technology offers the glass industry a full range of flexible and customizable machines which includes 3-4-5 axis CNC machines, CNC vertical machines, double edging machines (flat and pencil edge), cutting tables, cutting lines and waterjet cutting systems. The CMS product line is constantly evolving in order to provide ever-higher levels of performance, functionality, reliability and working life to satisfy every glass processing requirement.

Cugher Glass (hall 16 stand D41)
For over fifty years, Cugher Glass has specialized in turnkey plants for screen printing on glass, completely customizable and with a high degree of automation and innovation. The main areas of reference are the automotive, home appliance and architectural sectors, for which the company develops technological solutions meeting the most complex production requirements. At Glasstec 2018, Cugher will exhibit a home appliance printing line featuring an innovative design.

Deltamax Automazione (hall 16 stand F07)
At Glasstec, Deltamax Automazione will present its new Industry 4.0-ready quality control solutions. Specifically, its Production Analyzer software that makes it possible to connect in-house scanners to the production lines, storing data and images that ensure product tracking and production analysis with statistics and customizable reports. It will also be possible to test the new Follow Me technology. Augmented reality glasses will help the operator speed up the identification and evaluation of any defects detected by the quality control scanner.

Dogo (hall 16 stand D03)
Project Leopard is the revolutionary design of a super polish for brightening the glass edge. Combining two functions in one, the two Leopard Polishers cut the number of positions needed during the polishing process on straight-line, double-edgers and bevellers in half, reducing costs and processing times, pointing the way to future development of a “green” machinery market. 
Forvet (hall 16 stand D40)
Glasstec 2018 provides Forvet with an opportunity to once again confirm its commitment to innovation. Among the well-known company’s revolutionary technologies are the Francesca FC 16M 1600 Water Jet, the FC 16M 1250 with loading and unloading tilt tables and Combiflex, one of the most attractive innovations, thanks to its multiple-process capability and extremely small footprint. At Glasstec 2018 Forvet will display FORBOT, its latest technological development. A dynamic sorting and loading system, it connects multiple processes by optimizing the glass flow between them. Another innovative Forvet breakthrough.

Fratelli Pezza (hall 16 stand F20)
At Glasstec, Fratelli Pezza Srl, leader in the production of sandblasting and marking machines for flat glass, will showcase the ZEPHIR and MISTRAL EV automatic sandblasters that make it possible to carry out any kind of sandblasting, even shading and zonal, and come equipped with an anti-static system. Also on display, the Easymarker UP and EV automatic marking machines for fast, permanent glass marking, engineered to comply with increasingly stringent glass identification regulations.

Gemata - Rollmac (hall 16 stand D19)
At Glasstec 18 Rollmac, the commercial division of Gemata Spa, world leader in the design and production of roller finishing and coating machines, will exhibit the new FASTPRINT digital flat glass printer equipped with advanced digital technology that uses ceramic-type inks to print images, photos, drawings and writing on flat glass. 
Glassline, Multiglass, Colorglass and Fastprint will also be on display at Glasstec 2018.

Intermac (hall 16 stand B41)
Intermac at Glasstec: technology, software, and services to help promote a digital culture in the Factory 4.0 model. On display, the Movetro handling and storage systems; the Master Loader, a flexible robotic cell, designed to optimize loading and unloading times for work centers and water-jet machines; the V-Loader, an automatic loader for picking  glass sheets from pallets and depositing them onto the roller beds of vertical work centers; and new technological tools for work centers. In addition, SOPHIA, the new IOT service platform, makes its debut and provides real time information and data from machines distributed around the world. Strengthening the integration and interconnection of the machine-operator relationship is the new Supervisor, the I-Cam software capable of communicating seamlessly with external management systems and automatically generating work schedules, even by reading simple text files.

Mappi (hall 16 stand D39)
During Glasstec 2018, Mappi will exhibit the ATS 4.0, an extremely efficient user-friendly furnace. Thanks to the GHBS Extreme Convection system, it maximizes the production cycle by modulating the air pressure separately in individual zones, with up to 20% energy savings, and it simplifies startup operations, with only one hour needed to become operational after machine start, allowing for cost savings of up to 50%. Last but not least, the new TAB SERVICE ensures 24/7 online assistance available globally.

Mole Moreschi (hall 16 stand F41)
Mole Moreschi has a wealth of know-how and direct experience in the production of unique diamond wheels and tools for glass processing, the result of 90 years of exclusive research and development.
The absolute first to develop resin wheels, today the company manufactures the entire range of traditional and special tools for the glass industry, offering unrivalled quality.

Neptun (hall 16 stand B60)
Technology, for Neptun, must be at the service of the user, able to meet the requirements of the "smart" production setting. Neptun's participation at Glasstec 2018 is entirely focused on Intelligence 4.0, a way of propelling industry forward with machinery that transcends the current concepts of automation, integration and traceability, and becomes a true ally of operators and entrepreneurs. The new versatile and smart Wave washing machine; the Quickdrill T8 drilling center; the work island with 2 Rock edgers, and Bravoload for automatic loading/unloading - another "Neptun Automation" product - and other innovations will be on display in hall 16 at stand B60.

Profilglass (hall 16 stand A60)
Profilglass, world leader in the production of spacers and decorative profiles for insulating glass, meets the needs of markets worldwide with high flexibility, assuring its customers short delivery times and excellent quality. For Profilglass, Glasstec has consistently been a crucial event to strengthen its leadership position in the IG unit sector.

RBM Italia (hall 16 stand A40)
R.B.M. ITALIA comes to the must-attend appointment with Glasstec after a year packed full of innovations, momentum and new opportunities. In the pipeline are brand new state-of-the art products for low-E glass that keep pace with the array of different films, always aiming to improve quality and simplify use. As to edge polishing, the goal is to design new high-performance products at cost-effective prices. Another project is to expand the range with new materials and formulations to best meet market needs.

Schiatti Angelo (hall 16 stand F22)
On display at the Schiatti Angelo Srl stand, one of the most representative mitering straight edgers, the SME10 model in the version equipped with Bakelite wheels. The combination of excellent mechanical components and new electronic components ensures flawless performance and makes this grinder an indispensable tool for medium and large-sized glassworks. During the show, qualified technical and sales staff will be on hand to provide personalized assistance.

Skill Glass (hall 16 stand F37)
Skill Glass presents the E-D 101, a new vertical work center that combines several kinds of processes in a single system. The E-D 101 makes it possible to carry out edging, polishing, drilling and milling operations with the utmost precision and at high speed on flat glass. A single machine combines the technology of drilling with opposite heads with the features of a vertical edger. The machine’s management and control software is user-friendly and intuitive and ensures seamless interconnection with in-house computer systems.

Studio 1 Automazioni industriali (hall 16 stand B39)
At Glasstec, Studio 1 Automazioni Industriali will exhibit a line equipped with a SINGLE PASS digital printing machine and automated loading and unloading through the 6-axis anthropomorphic Robot, as well as the custom-designed automation.

Tk (hall 16 stand E61)
Tk Srl unveils the first Italian-made interlayer adhesive film for laminating glass for architectural and design uses. EVASTAR: the Italian signature in EVA film production for laminated glass. High quality raw materials, state-of-the-art machines and an operational team with years of vast experience in the glass processing industry stand behind the new, high quality and easily available EVA film. 

Triulzi Cesare Special Equipments (hall 16 stand D21)
Triulzi Cesare Special Equipments Srl will attend the Dusseldorf exhibition with the latest solutions developed for its degreasing/washing/drying lines and custom solutions that provide maximum flexibility and a net improvement in performance – in terms of increased processing speed – for any size sheets, from ultrathin to multilayer thicknesses.

Tyrolit Vincent (hall 16 stand A42)
As an international manufacturer of abrasives, Tyrolit is once again exhibiting at Glasstec 2018.. TYROLIT will show off a new and attractive corporate image and is pleased to present a large number of innovative products to glass industry trade professionals.


HALL 13 

BDF Industries (hall 13 - stand E55)
BDF Industries, established in 1906, was the first producer of IS machines in Europe. Over the years, it developed its core business in the Glass Division, which is currently composed of four different business units: Melting, Forming, Automation and Energy. A world leader in glass engineering, renewable energy and automation, the company offers turnkey plants, from engineering design to maintenance services. It has opened new branches in Houston, Moscow, Shanghai and Croatia with the aim of guaranteeing prompt and efficient technical and logistic support to customers worldwide. BDF Industries will be present at Glasstec 2018 with its latest IS machines, gob forming and delivery systems, furnaces, forehearths, batch chargers, glass level, control systems and energy recovery systems as well as its latest innovations for glass container production. 
Glass Service (hall 13 - stand F13)
Glass Service Srl offers a wide range of regenerative, recuperative, oxyfuel and electric furnaces and all related equipment, such as batch chargers, level controls, melting and forehearth combustion systems, oxyfuel skids, coloring forehearths, stirring units, boosting systems, electrode holders, recuperators and recuperative burners. At Glasstec the company will exhibit its furnaces for borosilicate glass, as well as for glass and rock wool (the latest ones with submerged arc technology) and for sodium silicate. Its installed systems include more than 40 working end combustion systems, delivered to one of the worldwide leaders in the container glass market. The company provides an increasingly more widespread and in-depth presence in the market of container and tableware regenerative furnaces.

OCMI - OTG (hall 13 stand F19)
The OCMI Group will introduce its new technological developments in the field of medical glass production and, specifically, of ampoules, vials, droppers and dental cartridges made from borosilicate glass tube and engineered to increase automation and improve productivity and efficiency.
Visitors will also find information about the latest technological developments applied to OCMI’s tableware division and, in particular, to sealing/stretching machines for stemware production. Specifically regarding production lines for technical glass items, like high tension insulators and glass bricks, highly-skilled specialists will be available to introduce the turnkey solutions offered by OCMI.

Olivotto Glass Technologies (hall 13 stand D53)
This year Olivotto Glass Technologies is honored to introduce to its customers and visitors at Glasstec two important innovations in its already vast range of machines for the glass industry, including its high-performance automatic packaging line. The O.90 Evolution, fully-driven by servomotors, for optimized production control and increased quality levels in the items produced. And the Olivotto exclusive Tubing Line Technology for production of tubes in neutral glass for the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Every year Olivotto develops more innovative solutions in order to keep pace with this demanding market.

600450 Gimav Members at Glasstec 2018

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