The event is coming: discover the machines we will exhibit at Glasstec 2016

All the models we will exhibit at GLASSTEC will be perfectly operative and they will work no-stop during the four exhibition days.

In detail:
TLS 13 AV C PC SP100
 - electronic straight-line edging machine for the processing of flat edge with arris and with variable angle from 0 up to 45° in a single passage, polished by liquid cerium oxide.

This machine can carry a weight on the conveyor up to 1.100 Kg (2.200 Kg total on the whole machine) and process thicknesses up to 100 mm and with a size up to 12 x 3,21 mt. Equipped with several of our options such as the ‘OT 300’ motorized washing machine fitted on the outlet conveyor and a PC to manage all working phases.

TLR 11 AV - electronic straight-line edging machine with variable angle from 0 up to 60°, polished by cerium-impregnated wheel.This model is part of the TLR series, which is the most used by the major producers of stratified glass for the heavy building industry in the Northern Europe.

It is addressed to all glaziers with huge production of glasses with big sizes and great thicknesses.

Machine equipped with our ‘PAR-AL’ device for the processing of parallelogram-shaped glasses in an inclined position, ‘OT 300’ washing machine and special rotating brushes for the front and back conveyor pads cleaning.

TL 10 C - Electronic straight-line edging machine for the processing of flat edge with arris, polished by liquid cerium oxide.

Recommended for big productions of tempered glasses and/or high quality glasses for the interior design. It is able to process both glasses with important thicknesses and small glass stripes, up to a minimum size of 35 mm height.


GAMMA 643 PC F - 13-wheels model for the processing of the bevel polished by liquid cerium oxide. PC version to manage all working phases.

Lattuada is not only edging and bevelling...


OT 2000/500/4S - Open top vertical washing and drying machine for glasses with a thickness from 3 up to 25 mm and with minimum dimensions of 350 mm.

Equipped on the outlet side with a black panel with inspection lights to help the check of the glass cleanliness degree. Equipped also with several sensors: glass anti-chute on the outlet conveyor, automatic glass detection at the entrance and to manage various energy saving functions.

The regulation both of the speed and of the glass thickness are motorized, in order to guarantee a high washing quality on every thickness.


DELTA M4 - Automatic corners grinding machine for the processing of radium and straight corners perfectly polished in a single passage with flat edge with arris, pencil edge and other profiles (according to the wheels fitted on).

The displayed model is able to process also small glasses with dimensions up to 100x200mm.


TP 1065 - Drilling machine with opposing heads (automatic lower head and manual upper head) with a throating depth of 1.065 mm and equipped with laser centering system and a pneumatic glass support bench. It is particularly recommended for large productions.

Last but not least…we invite you to discover a complete Lattuada double-edgers line!

We wait for you from 20th to 23rd September at our Booth 16D40, Pavilion 16.

600450 The event is coming: discover the machines we will exhibit at Glasstec 2016
Date: 25 July 2016

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