Efficient energy savings with SILVERSTAR® ZERO NG

Autumn has begun, the days are getting shorter again and the outside temperatures are falling noticeably. Our need for warmth and cosiness at home increases - along with the heating costs, too, in many cases.  The newly developed SILVERSTAR® ZERO NG heat insulating glass counteracts that.

It supports the minimisation of heat losses and contributes to efficient energy savings.

Low temperatures and dark days are often a burden for people. The regions of Central and Northern Europe in particular are affected in the cooler months and people tide themselves over this time with heating and artificial light. High energy costs and an increased load on the environment are the result.

SILVERSTAR® ZERO NG supports the gain in heat with its remarkably low Ug-value of 1.0 W/m2K in a double glass structure. It reduces heating costs and leads to a perceptibly higher level of cosiness and living comfort inside the room, especially close to the window pane. Lots of daylight or sunlight have a beneficial effect on body and soul. Thanks to its further development, SILVERSTAR® ZERO NG achieves better values for light transmission, for total energy transmission and for external reflection. The latter is very deep, with 15 % for double insulating glass, and also accentuates the neutral appearance.

SILVERSTAR® ZERO NG is suitable for new buildings or renovations in residential construction, especially in the field of low-energy houses, as well as for large-area glazing such as in conservatories. Depending on the usage, it can be combined with the required sun protection, noise protection and safety functions.

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Date: 20 October 2015
Source: www.euroglas.com

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