Chroma™ Color Measurement

Software for optical spectrum analysis and color measurement with special functions for the glass industry    Features and Benefits: Direct control of various spectrometer models Integrated color determination compliant to ISO 11664 / CIE 15 Comprehensive analysis features Built-in database with trend analysis function Special functions for measuring glass and plastics Intuitive, workflow-based user interface Fully compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit)The color can be of decisive significance for the market success of a product.

Especially when natural or recycled raw materials with varying chemical composition are used, the constant and objective control of the color effect is an essential precondition for archiving a constant quality.

With the Chroma software package and a PC-controlled spectral photometer (e.g. from Shimadzu, PerkinElmer and HunterLab), the spectral transmission and reflection properties of glasses and other materials can be determined accurately, and the Helmholtz and CIELAB color values can be calculated from them and displayed.

Chroma combines measurement and evaluation with a powerful database that structures all results and analyses related to the samples. By this means, Chroma guarantees full traceability, provides complete documentation of all processes, and actively supports the user in the realization of quality standards.

Chroma meets the demands of routine analysis and quality assurance, and fulfills high R&D demands through the use of flexible evaluation and statistical functions. At the same time, Chroma is always intuitive and easy to use.


All necessary measurement parameters are centralized in so-called methods.

Thereby it is ensured that measurements are always performed using the same settings.


Before the measurement only the missing sample-related parameters, e.g. the sample thickness, have to be completed.

Transformations defined in the method, e.g. the conversion to a fixed reference thickness, are already considered during the measurement and the corrected spectrum is shown in addition to the raw data.


After saving a measurement the user is automatically transfered to the analysis mode in which all results are displayed in numbers and graphically.

Here it is possible to print results or to export data to other applications for further processing.

In addition, certain parameters can be changed subsequently in analysis mode, of course without having an effect on results already stored in the database.


In Chroma all measuring results are stored in an integrated database. Measurement can be loaded and evaluated at any time.

For organizing measurements it is possible to define arbitrary attributes, that can be used to filter the archive.

Trend analysis:

Alternatively to the table view the data can also be presented graphically in the form of trend charts.

By this way negative trends in the development of certain color values can be detected easily and suitable actions can be taken quickly.

600450 Chroma™ Color Measurement
Date: 9 December 2015

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