ByVention – Laser cutting redefined by Bystronic

Date: 8 November 2006
Source: Bystronic
With its ByVention, Bystronic is presenting a laser cutting machine that is specifically designed to deal with the majority of parts manufactured in the market and makes no compromise for the occasional special jobs.

The new machine guarantees the user a maximum return for every invested euro or dollar.

With its ByVention, Bystronic is presenting a worldwide innovation in the field of laser cutting machines. It offers the user decisive advantages that can be classified under the headings of simple and compact, clever, reassuring and complete.

Hence the training time can be reduced to an absolute minimum and the machine is extremely simple for anyone to operate. This is possible since the ByVention is operated via predefined programs and cutting parameters using a touch screen. After just a short period of training the user is fully au fait with the control and its integrated functions, so that the full capacity of the machine can be used immediately. Above all, new users profit from the simple and logical operation; but even experienced users appreciate this feature.

A further highlight of the ByVention is its compact design, which makes it the smallest laser cutting machine for standard-sized metal sheets. Hence the space available at the customer's premises is put to optimal use. The required area is just six by six meters. The control cabinet and the system's laser source are integrated in the machine frame and form a single unit. Additionally the cooling unit and the used air filter have been combined in a compact, powerful unit. The operating area of the ByVention is completely accessible. And the user does not have to worry about photoelectric barriers. These are made redundant thanks to the machine's integrated safety system. Due to the compact design, the laser beam is kept short and hence is the ideal laser beam for high precision cuts.

The ByVention is equipped with an innovative and clever material flow concept designed especially by Bystronic, which makes cut parts instantly available and ensures exemplary flexibility when using various sizes of material and partially used sheets. As part of this concept, cut parts are continuously and automatically transported from the cutting area and are immediately available to the user even during the cutting process. The removal of the parts is simple and convenient since the removal area is fully accessible. Additionally, the cutting area is also readily accessible from the front thanks to the large sliding door. The new processing concept makes a shuttle table unnecessary and it can be used with various European and US-American standard metal sheet formats (patent registered).

Reassuring for the user is the continuous round-the-clock use of the machine since the machine is covered by a two year Bystronic warranty as well as two years preventive maintenance. The latter means that expensive repairs can be avoided and ensures high reliability of the machine. Also reassuring is the fact that when the machine was designed, great value was placed on rapid and easy service and hence easy access to the machine is guaranteed. The highest quality control standards during the manufacturing process and the fact that the ByVention, like all Bystronic machines, is built for round-the-clock operation and a long life span ensures maximum reliability and a high resale value of the machine.

Hightech complete: When purchasing a ByVention, the customer profits from the "everything included" concept. For a modest investment, they not only get the machine and the peripheral units, but they also get the Bysoft CAD/CAM software package, commissioning and basic training as well as a two year warranty and preventive maintenance. The machine is offered at a fixed price. Thanks to the "everything included" concept, the customer knows exactly what the investment costs are. Additionally, the Bystronic financing program permits easy purchasing.

The ByVention has been consistently designed to meet the needs of the market. An empirical survey shows that approximately eighty percent of all parts cut by laser cutting machines are processed using a sheet thickness of maximum eight millimeters with a format of 500 times 500 millimeters. The machine is designed for this spectrum and makes no compromises with relation to the dimensions and the material thicknesses that are seldom cut. The result is a previously unachieved efficiency with the lowest possible prices. Or put another way: Compared with other high quality laser cutting machines, the customer gets a machine at around half the investment cost, with which they can process some eighty percent of the spectrum of parts.

A large number of various users can take advantage of this offering. Companies that already use laser cutting machines and require additional capacity for standard size sheets can extend their added value for a reasonable price. An increased added value can also be achieved by companies which wish to use the machine to process cutting jobs themselves that were previously done externally. The purchase is already economical even in single-shift working. Comparably low investment costs make the ByVention a viable prospect not only for new users of laser technology, but also for companies that have limited capital available or are planning to invest in a secondhand machine. And thanks to its compact design, the machine is a first choice where space is of a premium. Also original equipment manufacturers that produce a large number of standard sized parts can profit extensively from a ByVention.

The ByVention is not just a new material flow and operating concept. Far more, this highly efficient laser cutting machine is also a new business model. This includes the fact that the ByVention is sold at a uniform price worldwide. The net price, to which only taxes and customs duty have to be added, includes not only the machine but also the Bysoft CAD/CAM software package, delivery costs, assembly, commissioning and user training as well as the warranty and preventive maintenance. On the other hand no variations or additional options are offered.

The serial production of the ByVention will start at the end of 2006. But the Bystronic CEO Ferdi Töngi is already sure that the machine will find a high level of acceptance on the market. "The ByVention is yet another indication that Bystronic makes its customers' requirements the starting point for outstanding innovation. This machine guarantees the user a maximum return for every invested euro or dollar", is how he sums up the future market success.

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