Balcony Systems launches the BalcoNano® heavy duty glass cleaner

The glass cleaner that can bring back the shine to damaged and contaminated glass surfaces – introducing the BalcoNano® heavy duty glass cleanerBalcony Systems, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of glass balustrading and curved sliding patio doors, has introduced the BalcoNano® heavy duty glass cleaner – the seriously- strong answer to restoring heavily-contaminated glass surfaces back to as good as new.

Some glasses with severe surface deterioration and corrosion caused by deeply-embedded dirt, grime and deposits that have accumulated over time can be restored by using Balcony’s unique, acid-based product.

Easily-applied using a cloth, the BalcoNano® heavy duty cleaner loosens and releases these firmly-ingrained contaminants that can be difficult to remove with standard cleaners. Within minutes, the glass surface can be polished dry and restored to its natural shiny appearance. Further information on the cleaner’s restorative powers can be found via the following link:

The BalcoNano® heavy duty cleaner is only the first step in restoring the glass. Once the glass surface is clean from all contaminants, the BalcoNano® self-cleaning glass coating should be applied to protect the surface from future contamination and maintain its sparkle.

The BalcoNano® heavy duty cleaner is supplied in 500ml child-safe bottles. The BalcoNano® self-cleaning glass coating is available in convenient sachets for self-application; this coating forms a hard, clear and super-smooth protective layer to transform ordinary glass into self-cleaning glass. Water is repelled instantly, so any dirt or grime washes off easily to keep the glass looking cleaner for longer and reduce cleaning cycles.

The BalcoNano® heavy duty glass cleaner can also be used to remove the self-cleaning glass coating when needed so is not intended for use after coating the glasses. For more information and a safety data sheet, visit

“Some glasses will just not clean, no matter how much you scrub, and it can be impossible to remove the really stubborn build-up from discoloured glass surfaces. That’s why we introduced this innovative product in response to demand from customers, dealers and installers for a highly-effective and easy-to-use solution that really brings back the shine, saving time and money in glass replacement,” says Effi Wolff, Managing Director of Balcony Systems.

More information can be found at or contact Balcony on 01342 410411, email

600450 Balcony Systems launches the BalcoNano® heavy duty glass cleaner
Date: 17 April 2012
Source: Balcony Systems

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