Attempted Armed Robbery Stopped By Bulletproof Glass

Shot are fired as a gunman tries to rob aGreenville convenience store, and it’s all caught on tape. The robber didn’t get far though, that’s because double-paned bulletproof glass stood between him, his gun and the money he was after.

According to Lisa Lindsey, store manager of the Citgo on Easley Bridge Road, "As soon as he opened the door he started shooting."It was 4:45 Tuesday morning when two Citgo workers were about to change shifts, that’s when they say a man busted through the front door."He emptied his gun basically in here," says Lindsey.

The surveillance video show him first shooting at the counter window, them he walks around the corner, that's when the store manager says he tried to get in the glass door.

Lindsey says, "The door was unlocked, but the guys came over and locked it before he could get in."

Despite several shots at the glass cage, there was no getting in or getting any money.

"The cage is bulletproof, it's bulletproof all the way around, so they could've stood there and fired a machine gun at it and it wouldn't have affected it, none whatsoever," says Lindsey.

But Lisa says the cage would've normally been open that is if she would have gotten to work on time. "I'm never late, I'm always here at 4:30, for some reason, this morning I was late, when I come in, my guys automatically open the bulletproof cage and I come in, if I'd have been on time, the cage would've been open and he would've gotten all three of us."

Instead, the man caught on tape ran out of the store, on foot, empty handed, but he left behind his face on camera, and bullet holes. Now police are on the lookout and the store manager is giving out advice. She says, "Just watch yourself because you never know, you never know, because he came in the door shooting."

The two employees were shaken up over the incident, but say they still plan on coming back to work.

600450 Attempted Armed Robbery Stopped By Bulletproof Glass
Date: 2 March 2006

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