Another Industry First for Listers

Date: 30 July 2008
Source: Lister Trade Frames Limited
While the BFRC Window Energy Ratings scheme is now starting to gain some real momentum, Lister Trade Frames of Stoke on Trent have been at the forefront of the initiative since its conception.

They currently hold no less than 20 certificates under the scheme demonstrating their commitment to continual improvement of their products thermal performance.

Less than a year since Listers made ‘C’ energy rated products their standard trade window, they have now announced another industry first by adding the BS7950, Secured by Design Standard, to their new low cost ‘A’ rated windows without adding any premium.

The last six months has seen a lot of emphasis being placed on the ‘holy grail’ of a low cost ‘A’ energy rated window with only a handful of manufacturers achieving it. Listers were one of the first to realise this goal and received their BFRC accreditation at Glassex earlier this year. So why have they now raised the specification even further when this product is already at the forefront of our industry?

It’s all about staying ahead of the market, according to Mark Warren, Listers Managing Director, “There has been an enormous amount of energy (pardon the pun) put into raising the thermal performance of windows over the last two years, and we have maximised these benefits for our customers. But just because a window achieves an ‘A’ energy rating doesn’t mean that it’s the best overall product. The fact remains that Window Energy Ratings are just a single part of what it takes to be the best.

Retail window customers are much more discerning about all aspects of double glazing than they have ever been, and while there is a big rise in questions about the environment, global warming and rising energy costs, people are still just as interested in the quality of the product and its security level.”

The launch by Listers of their new Elitis A+ Window range seems to answer all these questions, having a reputation for quality manufacture, using lead free profiles and now boasting the top level of both energy and security performance to the Secured by Design standard, Listers certainly have one of the most highly specified windows around.

“This gives our trade customers a real advantage and simplifies their sales message” Says Mark, “Now they can offer the best specified product on the market at a single all inclusive price.”

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600450 Another Industry First for Listers
Date: 30 July 2008
Source: Lister Trade Frames Limited

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