Updated butt hinge: Greater load bearing capacity, improved design

Updated butt hinge: Greater load bearing capacity, improved design
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Date: 12 July 2019

Butt hinges are very popular in door construction. As an important functional element, they primarily need to be robust, but also meet design requirements.

That means that even proven technology should sometimes undergo testing – and will be optimised based on the results like is currently the case with the “Roto Solid B 150 R” butt hinge. The two-part system for PVC main and back doors is made from extruded aluminium and can now support weights of up to 120 kg according to the manufacturer. That corresponds to hinge class 13 and a test for 200,000 movement cycles in line with the CE certification as per DIN EN 1935.

The visible aluminium parts of the series, which can be used on both the right and left side of a door, can now also be anodised for greater resistance. The powder-coated surfaces are now available in a stainless-steel look as well as many modern colours.

The new generation therefore offers a high-quality design solution for doors with increasingly popular stainless-steel hardware. As before, the revised “Solid” design can be used in all common PVC profile systems with a 16 mm hardware groove, 20 mm overlap and 13 mm axis dimension.

The butt hinge is especially well suited to doors with fillings covering the leaf on both sides. Another positive performance characteristic retained in the updated version is the possibility to adjust already mounted leaves in three dimensions and without offsetting the hinge in the slightest. In this way, the hinge design retains its elegant initial outline. The fact that it takes just one person to carry out precise adjustments on-site is another advantage according to Roto.

The uniform drill hole diameter of 5 mm for all fixing screws and pins also makes installation easy and efficient. PVC bearing bushes with Teflon elements and axis pins from rust-resistant or stainless steel ensure a long service life without requiring any maintenance.

The hexalobular screw fixing minimises general wear and tear. Its higher torque allows forces to disperse across the entire surface instead of concentrating in certain areas. The result: Mounting is much faster without negatively affecting the inner profile.

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