TriSeal™ Super Spacer®: the perfect combination with AC PARAFLAM® hydrogel for protecting windows from fire with a heat shield

When the most stringent requirements for ease of processing, material qua-lity and function have to be satisfied, the TriSeal™ Super Spacer® is ideal for use in high-quality heat insulating glass.

Combined with AC PARAFLAM® hydrogel from Aachener Chemische Werke, the TriSeal™ Super Spacer® demonstrates another worthwhile feature: outstanding fire protection. In a fire test carried out by PARAFLAM® developer and patent-holder Dr. Günter Ortmanns, the TriSeal™ Super Spacer® withstood the 35-minute long fire test outstandingly well.

The heat insulating glass manufactured by S.A. AGV A.G. in Eupen using the TriSeal™ Super Spacer® was filled with AC PARAFLAM® hydrogel and tested with a hardwood frame. Glass and frame were subjected as a system to a standardised fire test, which lasts no less than 30 minutes. The gel layer, initially completely transparent, resists the passage of radiation within a few minutes and also prevents smoke and flames from penetrating and the heat of the fire from being transmitted. At the end of the fire test, there was only one conclusion: the heat barrier developed by the AC PARAFLAM® gel layer provides exceptionally effective fire resistance. The TriSeal™ Super Spacer® was also able to demonstrate the excellent properties of the material it uses: throughout the test it retained its shape and proved to be an ideal complement to the AC PARAFLAM® fire protection gel.

The test proved that even curved fire protection and heat insulating glass can easily be processed with the TriSealTM Super Spacer®.

The TriSealTM Super Spacer® not only promotes the efficiency of PARAFLAM® fireproof glass but also enhances its already excellent noise insulating action: at an overall thickness of only 22 millimetres, a noise re-duction of 42 dB is achieved.

Dr. Günter Ortmanns, who developed PARAFLAM®, was delighted with the satisfactory properties exhibited by the TriSealTM Super Spacer® during the test: “During the entire test the spacer exhibited no shortcomings at all, despite carbonisation of the wooden glass-retaining strip. Combined with AC PARAFLAM® fire protection gel, it can be recommended unreservedly for the processing of both curved and flat composite heat-insulating glass.”

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Edgetech I.G. Inc. is a global leader in the fenestration industry producing Super Spacer® – the world’s only TrueWARM®, all-foam edge seal product line that provides maximum condensation resistance, durability and energy performance. Through Edgetech’s value promise – We’re there for you at every turn! 360®—, the company goes beyond the manufacture of Super Spacer to offer a comprehensive portfolio of value-added products and services for the window, door and glass industries. With manufacturing facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom plus a distribution division in Germany, Edgetech’s proven technology is improving the performance and energy efficiency of insulating glass systems worldwide. Edgetech is a fully-owned subsidiary of Lauren International, Inc., an Ohio-based extruder and molder of polymer based seals, gaskets and rubber components. Visit to learn more about the company’s products, services and global initiatives. Edgetech - We’re there for you at every turn! 360®.

In the US, contact Edgetech I.G. at 800-233-4383, fax 740-439-0121; in the UK at + 44 (0) 8700 566844, fax +44 (0) 2476 639727, URL:; and in Germany at +49 2131 606844, fax +49 2131 606843.

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600450 TriSeal™ Super Spacer®: the perfect combination with AC PARAFLAM® hydrogel for protecting windows from fire with a heat shield

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