Spanish high tech to lead the international manufacture of curved laminated glass

Spanish Technology to lead the curved glass
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Date: 28 March 2019

Hornos Pujol and Tvitec sign an agreement to develop the most advanced curved laminate production lines in the market.

The most advanced Spanish technology in the field of glass processing ovens will seek to serve the first glass transformer in the sector to turn Tvitec into an international reference in the field of high-performance curved glass manufacturing.

The company Hornos Industriales Pujol, based in Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona), and Tvitec, based in Cubillos del Sil (León), have recently signed a commercial collaboration agreement to launch the highest quality curved glass solutions within the world construction market.

Spanish Technology to lead the curved glass

Pujol will exclusively design for Tvitec an EVA and HST laminate oven measuring 12 x 3.21 meters. We are talking about the HST LAM Multichamber Super Jumbo model, capable of operating at the same time with two 6-meters chambers. Pujol will fully allocate its cutting-edge technology and its R+D+i programs for the production of this double line for curved glass in order to allow Tvitec plant be able to supply the most advanced products, both technically and aesthetically for the construction of singular projects.

The manufacture of curved pieces will allow Tvitec to attend globally all those architectural projects in which the enclosures of large constructions usually combine the use of flat and curved units.

Tvitec has relied on Pujol’ssolid track record of more than 100 years and the technical and professional expertise in order to reach the maximum levels of quality and productivity demanded by its customers - facade developers, engineers, builders, architects coming from five continents. To reach the maximum levels of quality and productivity demanded by its clients - designers, engineers, builders, architects - in the five continents.

The purchase agreement is the culmination of a technological development process and a close collaboration between both engineering departments of Pujol and Tvitec seeking to meet the most demanding standards of main markets.

Spanish Technology to lead the curved glass

The general director of Tvitec, Mr. Javier Prado Ovalle, and Pujol’s commercial director Mr. Joaquín Pujol, staged at a ceremony held at Tvitec facilities the signature of this alliance between both companies.

"This new incorporation in the production structure ensures a great qualitative leap and clearly manifests the commitment of Tvitec to offer the best product solutions, of curved technical glass with high added value, in the market and counting for it with the most advanced and reliable technology of laminated glass, provided by Pujol," remarked Mr. Joaquín Pujol.

"The association itself between both companies is without any doubt a winning milestone. The collaboration Tvitec + Pujol is reinforced with the appearance on stage of a third variable which corresponds to the election of the first EVA with better properties than the PVB, Evalam brand a product from Pujol’s portfolio entirely manufactured in Spain, which advances to giant leaps towards his worldwide leadership ", he stated.

The new oven will allow the processing of curved laminated glass up to 12 meters in length, designed for the use or application of EVA and a stronger butyral to guarantee safety laminate conditions in the most aggressive environments, that will allow to meet the customer's requirements, paying particular attention to the type of medium in which each product is developed.

Without discrepancy it is possible to subject the HST controls to any type of tempered glass, minimizing the possible impact of nickel sulphide on hypothetical breaks. The double oven chamber will result in versatility in manufacturing and of course in productivity, making it possible to work on pieces of less than six meters at the same time. This was indicated by the director of the bending plant of Tvitec, Rui Joaquim, completely satisfied with the operation.

For both the lamination and the double glazing of the curved glass manufacturing, the engineering departments of Pujol and Tvitec have joined forces to design an unprecedented system for transferring the pieces. The new laminate oven it is part of the investment of 20 million euros that Tvitec has executed to become an integral transformer of high performance glass.

Tvitec is the largest flat glass processor in Spain and in ten years it has become one of the world leaders with an annual turnover of over 110 million euros. The general director of Tvitec, Mr. Javier Prado, agreed with Mr. Pujol when highlighting that the initiative will "position Spain as an indisputable reference in the market for curved laminated glass".

600450 Spanish high tech to lead the international manufacture of curved laminated glass

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