Smartglass International | Big Changes

Sometimes in life or in business things happen that make you say to yourself “…well, that makes sense”.

So it is with the recent purchase by Diamond Glass, the leading glass processor and laminator, of the Smartglass and Smartglass International brands, as well as the industry-leading website    

For years Diamond Glass has been the supplier of all glass used in the manufacture of Switchable Privacy Glass by Smartglass International. Added to this, Diamond’s reputation as a leading innovator in the process of glass lamination means that the Smartglass brand has found the perfect new home.


Now, for the first time, the manufacturing process of Smartglass Switchable Privacy Glass is controlled from beginning to end by one dedicated team. No other supplier can offer this level of beginning to end control of the manufacturing and distribution process. The commitment to innovation, quality and exceptional lead-times continues but is now matched by the ability to offer an exceptional value proposition for the market’s leading Switchable Privacy Glass products.

Whilst the legal entity Smartglass International Ltd may have ceased to exist, the brands and the brand values live on, and their purchase by the new owners is a real case of turning a negative in to a positive. The look and feel and quality of the Smartglass brand will remain the same as will the commitment to innovation, technical back-up and market-leading service. In the background however this vertical integration of the brand will mean total control of the manufacturing process, elimination of the middle man and the ability to add even further value to all of your projects using the world’s leading Switchable Privacy Glass products.

For more information on our products go to and insist on original Smartglass every time.

Smartglass and Diamond Glass. Bright thinking.

600450 Smartglass International | Big Changes
Date: 6 March 2014

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