Schiatti Angelo Srl | Meet the team: Roberto Archetti, carpentry and painting manager

Schiatti Angelo Srl | Meet the team: ROBERTO ARCHETTI, carpentry and painting manager
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Date: 19 May 2023

Today we talk about another career and another piece of life that began in SCHIATTI almost 30 years ago.

It was 1995 when Roberto arrived here.

The sector was not new to me: my previous job was in the field of mechanics and I felt at ease among tools and machinery. Of course, I was young, and I didn't imagine what a long and satisfying journey was about to begin.

Thus Roberto starts telling us the story of work and life experience that he has been leading in our company for 28 years.

Which is your role in the company today?

Today my daily work is very varied: I deal with the selection and purchase of the raw material, but also with the organization of the jobs and their assignment to colleagues, according to the orders.
And there is also the "entry" of the work performed and the recording of processing times.

It's probably not what you did at the beginning of your career here, years ago.

Of course not: at the beginning my role was much more operational and then, as often happens when you gain experience, I became useful in more coordinating tasks.

And are you sorry about it?

Sometimes, but I must say that I am still very close to hands-on mechanics and work shoulder to shoulder with colleagues in the workshop.

Tell us about a moment you are particularly proud of in SCHIATTI

I think I can say that it was when in 2005 I got the role of managing the carpentry.
For me it was a great recognition because the choice had to do with both the skill acquired over the years and the trust that I hope and believe I have built with equal commitment.

What do you like most about your role today?

The fact that it is very varied and allows me not to sit in front of a pc all day.
As I said before, in fact, I constantly move from the office area to the workshop and this allows me to remain well anchored to operation.

If you hadn't dedicated yourself to the engineering sector, what would you have done?

The marine biologist. I've always had a great passion for the sea, which now I cultivate as much as I can, even thanks to sport.

What are you dreaming for the future?

I would like to live on a boat and travel around the world. But for now my life is on dry land and I'm really not doing badly between a good job and a wonderful family.

We wish Roberto all his dreams come true but, in the meantime, we are happy that he is with us in the company!

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