Guthrie Glass Latest to Achieve NACC Certification

Guthrie Glass Latest to Achieve NACC Certification
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Date: 11 July 2019

Guthrie Glass of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey recently completed the process to become a certified company within the North American Contractor Certification (NACC) program.

This contract glazing company, established in 1986, has grown significantly since its start and has built a strong reputation in its region. Guthrie Glass has also built positive and lasting relationships with owners, architects and contractors. We wanted to find out more on how Guthrie Glass goes to market; it’s favorite projects, and why it went through the NACC process.

Why did you decide to pursue NACC certification?

Guthrie Glass: Our desire to pursue the NACC certification allows us to take next step forward in establishing credibility to our company. Throughout the years we have practiced the proper procedures in the commercial glazing industry. By obtaining a certification that validates our procedure practices it really solidifies our company as a reliable contractor. As our company continues to expand it’s encouraging having a certification like this to support the development of our business.

How did the preparation for certification change or improve your company processes?

GG: Preparing for the certification gave us a different prospective on how we wanted to be viewed by our clients. This process has provided us with an exceptional support of guidance when it came to formatting and organizing our current procedures. As a team we discussed various mindsets of how we want to evolve as a company as we continue to grow. Throughout the process, we truly enjoyed the challenge of improving our current practices and adapting to new customs.

Was there anything in the process that surprised you?  If so what?

GG: The certification process has been an eye opening experience that imposed our team to become more structured and efficient when dealing with the processes that the certification required. We became more cautious and aware of tracking changes and controlling updates within our control to stay on top of these procedures.

How will the certification help you with future bids or proposals?

GG: I believe the certification can help give us an edge on future bids when dealing with general contractors with who we aren’t familiar. Possessing this certification presents our company with a title of authentication and establishes credibility to our name. We anticipate that clients will value the certification and recognize our consistency in our safety procedures and high-quality work.

Now that you are done with the certification process are you pleased to have gone through it and would you recommend to others?

GG: Certainly, obtaining the NACC Certification is well worth the process and can only improve your company’s reputation. Acquiring such a certification will ultimately open new doors to opportunities in different aspects of your company. By no means can this certification serve as a disadvantage to your company.

Guthrie Glass is located in a very competitive marketplace with major glass markets around you. What has been some of the keys to your continued success?

GG: We believe a key factor in our success can be found in our consistency to produce high-quality work and maintain a strong, positive relationship with our suppliers, general contractors, and co-workers. In a competitive market, it’s crucial to communicate mistakes between co-workers to prevent them from reoccurring in the future. Whether it’s in the office, in the shop, or out in the field our ability to work as a team plays a significant role when it comes to solving problems and addressing mistakes.

Your website portfolio features several jaw-dropping projects. Can you give us your two favorites and why?

Holly Pointe Commons at Rowan University
Holly Pointe Commons at Rowan University

GG: If we could only choose two, we would have to say Holly Pointe Commons at Rowan University and Kennedy Hospital in Cherry Hill. These represent two markets (Medical and Education) that we aggressively pursue. These projects came with unique challenges for our team to overcome; yet great reward with the way they turned out. In particular, Holly Pointe Commons had a peculiar layout having no ninety-degree corners while the entire building was shaped like a question mark. Another obstacle we faced with the Kennedy Hospital project was a unique splayed layout with large wing walls. In addition, all the insulated units had custom shapes and frit patterns. Although both projects were by far some of the toughest work we have done in recent years, once completed they were projects of which to be proud.

Kennedy Hospital Cherry Hill
Kennedy Hospital Cherry Hill

For the last 33 years Guthrie Glass has always been on the forefront of the latest trends and innovations. What are some of latest trends you are seeing now in the way products and services?

GG: Labor costs and labor shortages are creating a need for more prefabricated and unitized products. Safety and security are also becoming critical components of the building process whether it is with hardware selection, glass selection, or framing selection. And of course energy conservation is at the forefront of building designs so our products are ever changing to meet the new energy codes and requirements.

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