GPD 2023 Presentations – Architectural glass

GPD 2023 Presentations
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Date: 8 July 2024

The Glass Performance Days 2023 conference has once again brought together a wealth of knowledge and innovation from the leading minds in the glass industry.

Author:  Mar Garrido | Glaston


This collection focuses on architectural glass, showcasing the latest advancements and creative solutions in the field. From structural glass applications to façade engineering, these presentations cover the cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches that are shaping modern architecture. Dive into the sessions to discover how industry experts are pushing the boundaries of design and construction.

Structural glass applications

  1. Michael S. Brackin, Beason Brackin & Associates – “A Proposed Method for Predicting the Load Resistance of a Particular Type of Ceramic Enamel Glass”
  2. Nathalie Niesser, Bundeswehr University Munich – “Safety concept for the assessment of different failure scenarios on load-bearing glass structures”
  3. Sebastián Andrés López, Universität Siegen – “Potential of thin glass-polycarbonate composite panels”
  4. Zhikang Deng, ETH Zürich – “Structural Performance of Glass to Iron-based Shape Memory Alloy Adhesive Shear Joints Considering the Effect of Temperature”
  5. Barbara Siebert, Dr. Siebert und Partner Beratende Ingenieure PartGmbB – “Wide span glass roofs: Design – Structural analysis – Errors”
  6. Geralt Siebert, Bundeswehr University Munich – “Laminated Glass vs. Laminated Safety Glass-influence of coatings, PV or fire resistance”
  7. Laura Galuppi, University of Parma – “The BAM approach for the calculation of double and triple Insulating Glass Units”
  8. Marco Zaccaria, AGC Glass Europe – “Inherent stress concentration in patterned glass”

Architectural challenges and solutions

  1. Dirk Schulte, Roschmann Group – “High Transparency RETRO-fitted – New Lobby Glass Enclosures beyond the Cutting Edge”
  2. Franziska Rehde, Technische Universität Dresden – “Historic glazing in existing buildings using the example of Dresden Trachau”
  3. Graham Coult, Eckersley O’Callaghan – “Glass Marking – Material Passport with Quality Control functionality” 
  4. Koos Fritzsche, Octatube – “Dome-shaped gridshell over monumental courtyard” 
  5. Angel Mateo Marcos Nuñez, ENAR Architectural envelopes – “25m x 2.55m Cantilevered structural glass canopy” 
  6. Ingo Stelzer, Kuraray, and Michael Kraus, ETH Zürich – “SOUND LAB AI Tool – Machine learning for sound insulation value predictions”
  7. Peter Lenk, Arup – “Glass in buildings – Renovation, Rehabilitation or Restoration?”
  8. Sophie Pennetier, Enclos – “Broken glass ceiling around Fearless Girl” 
  9. Stevels Wim, Eastman – “Combining bird protection with functional glass coatings in laminated safety glass”
  10. Marcus Frank, Bühler Group Leybold Optics – “Patterned Architectural Coatings for Large Area Glass Façades and Potential Applications” 

Façade engineering

  1. Julian Hänig, Technische Universität Dresden – “NEERO-Façade – A new concept of façade design with lightweight thin glass-plastic-composite panels”
  2. Miguel Ángel Núñez Díaz, ENAR Architectural envelopes – “Double Skin Structural Glass”
  3. Shoji Maebashi, Total Co – “New Glass Screen System with slender tempered glass stiffeners”
  4. Timo Bühlmeier, Josef Gartner GmbH – “Structural glass assembly with a novel mortise and tenon joint”
  5. Valérie Hayez, Dow – “New model for performance of silicone bonded facades during seismic events”
  6. Alamir Mohsen, Lithium Designers – “N-AM | Design to Manufacture of Complex Building Envelopes | Single-layer Envelopes, Standard Profile Systems, and 3D-printed Metal Nodes”
  7. Carles-Hug Bitlloch Martínez, Bellapart – “The Woolbeding Kinetic Glasshouse”
  8. Jon Kimberlain, Dow – “Advanced engineering methods unlock higher permitted stresses for structural glazing designs”
  9. Jona Vetterli, Dr. Lüchinger+Meyer Bauingenieure AG – “Resource-optimised pavilion glazing through the interplay of structure and façade”

IGU and window technology

  1. Uwe Risle, Glaston, and Gennadi Schadrin, Glaston – “Thermoplastic spacer (TPS) – process requirements for optimal application”
  2. Chris Davis, H.B. Fuller / KÖMMERLING Chemische Fabrik GmbH – “Sustainable glass architecture through intelligent adhesive and sealant solutions”
  3. Alexandra Blakeslee, Technoform North America – “The Extent of Condensation: How much does Condensation Resistance (CR) Rating actually tell us?”
  4. Antti Aronen, Glaston – “An enhanced model of thermomechanical loading on a Vacuum Insulated Glazing”
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