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Date: 22 March 2016

C.R. Laurence has a long history of developing innovative products that have helped glaziers complete their projects successfully and increase competitiveness ; however, we are fully aware that no one understands more what tools and solutions a glazier needs than glaziers themselves.

Because of this, we are always ready and willing to collaborate with the glazing community in order to bring their product ideas to life.

In a recent example, C.R. Laurence partnered with Dustin Anderson from Anderson Glass in Lorena, Texas, to develop the FA3W Frameless Assist Shower Door Panel Clamp. During an installation, Dustin’s partner was holding a shower door in place as Dustin marked the holes where the hinges would be drilled into the tile. After the holes were drilled, Dustin noticed the door had moved slightly while it was being held. This alignment error resulted in having to replace the tile and redrill, costing him time and money.

Dustin designed the Frameless Assist prototype to resolve this issue by maintaining even spacing in door-to-fixed panel assemblies, whether they be 180 or 90 degree angles. By holding fixed panels and doors in perfect alignment, it increases precision and allows a single-man install of a frameless shower door.

After conducting patent research and performing a few iterations and redesigns, Dustin realized he would need a manufacturing and distribution partner to bring his tool out of the prototype stage and make it available nationwide. He contacted the C.R. Laurence research and development team, and after a matter of weeks, the Frameless Assist Panel Clamp had been manufactured and was ready to ship worldwide.

C.R. Laurence worked with Dustin to develop a second innovative product, the PR2S Perfect Reveal Tool. This tool was also created to overcome difficulties during frameless shower door installations. The Perfect Reveal Tool lets you preset and repeat the reveal depth for all panels in a frameless shower door installation. A single knob allows vertical glass stops to be adjusted and set for the correct depth using dimensional scales that are etched into the stainless steel body. Protective gripping cushions prevent panel movement and slippage. Like the Frameless Assist Clamp, this tool simplifies installations and reduces human error.

“I’m very proud to have made this contribution to my craft. Realizing that a glazier without any engineering experience could impact his trade with new tools that would simplify installations was very rewarding,” said Dustin Anderson. “The whole experience with C.R. Laurence was incredible, especially signing a piece of paper that had my name with the title ‘Inventor’ on it. I believe that this entire process has solidified my expertise as a glazier.”

C.R. Laurence has the years of experience and resources needed to bring your innovative product ideas to life. Our extensive research and development capabilities, 3D prototype printing equipment, and in-house testing facilities allow us to rapidly produce and launch your new glazing solutions.

We welcome and appreciate your valuable insight because you know firsthand what tools glaziers need to perform successful installations. You’ve seen it all and your hands-on experience on the field is a key factor in developing truly instrumental glazing solutions. C.R. Laurence is ready to partner with glaziers of all backgrounds so that together, we can move the industry forward.

For more information on Anderson Glass, visit You can see Dustin and his team installing CRL Frameless Shower Doors on HGTV’s home improvement show Fixer Upper.

To submit your product ideas, call (800) 458-7496 or email us.

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