Emirates Glass signs contract to supply 4,000 SQ meter glass for diabetes centre in Abu Dhabi

Date: 9 February 2006

Emirates Glass, a Dubai Investments subsidiary and leading supplier of premium architectural glass products, has signed a contract for the supply of 4,000 square meters of its EmiCoolSun multi-functional Low E glass to Folcra Beach Aluminium Company for the Imperial College of London Diabetes Center building in Abu Dhabi.The Diabetes Centre will be one of the first buildings in Abu Dhabi to have a double-skinned facade structure.

Emirates Glass will supply the product in record time by February-end. This is also the first building to be constructed by ALDAR Properties in Abu Dhabi.

Jerry Dowling, General Manager, Emirates Glass, said: 'The contract further strengthens our status as one of the leading suppliers of premium architectural glass products. Multi-functional Low E glass is very well-suited to these types of structures and our high-performance products are the first choice for any specialized application.'

Mr. Dowling added: 'Emirates Glass is already entrenched as a major supplier of energy-efficient glass products throughout the Middle East and beyond. Our markets stretch over a huge geographical area - from the UK, Europe and Russia to Singapore in Asia. As far as Abu Dhabi is concerned, we see great business potential there, as the Emirate is experiencing fast-paced development in the real estate sector.'

ALDAR Properties has been appointed by Mubadala Development Company as project manager for the construction of the Imperial College of London Diabetes Center building in Abu Dhabi on a turnkey basis.

Emirates Glass supplies EmiCool Classic Solar Control Glass in a big variety of shades. For example, the 24mm Double Glazing (6+12+6mm) with EmiCoolPlus NE-370 clear Low-E inner pane is available in clear, Green 2000, Evergreen, Blue Green, Arctic Blue, Blue 2000, Azurlite, Caribia, green, blue, bronze, grey and pink shades.

EmiCool Classic Solar Control Glass from Emirates Glass with Low-E inner pane is ideal for use in double-skinned facade. The method improves sound insulation against external noise. It also gives a smooth, continuous, and flush finish to the faûze of the building besides controlling natural light and preserving the view to the outside.

With a product range that suits every individual customer's requirements, Emirates Glass has strongly expanded its market share over the years. The company continues to supply its glass products to various regional and international clients who prefer to stay with Emirates Glass for its strict adherence to delivery schedule and guaranteed performance.

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