Bystronic: Standard Machines for cutting extra large parts

The water-jet cutting market is booming with annual growth rates of 15%! One of the reasons for this brisk growth lies undoubtedly in the almost unlimited number of materials suitable for water-jet cutting.

More and more trades are discovering this most interesting cutting method for their purposes!

Almost any material can be cut in large thickness by the water-jet. Thick parts are frequently large in size as well. Consequently there is a substantial market for large machines. Almost all manufacturers have responded to such demands with tailor-made machines. BYSTRONIC, in drawing their conclusions, have decided to offer henceforth standard machines, capable of handling extra large sheets of material.

Beginning with the series BYJET 6030, 8030, 10030, and 12030, modular water-jet cutting machines with cutting areas of up to 12 x 3 m will be available as "standard machines". The installations are available with up to 4 cutting heads fed by two pumps. The modular concept (basin segments are extendable in steps of 2 m) allows also for "extra large" machines to remain within reasonable production cost structures; a must for standard machines.

With regard to sturdiness, accuracy and process reliability, the large machines are equal to the successful BYJET 3015 AND 4020. As a complement to laser cutting, over 200 installations are in operation mainly at sheet metal processing firms. That tells its own tale!

Of sturdy design requiring little maintenance, infinitely variable control of the jet pressure through the machine’s CNC, sensor controlled monitoring of height and collision, and drilling heads for pre-drilling of laminates. All these well known qualities of all BYSTRONIC machines are also featured on the "big ones"! They only differ in size and in the design of their basin. The mono block structure of the standard machines is however not possible for the 12 m machines. Their basin consists of modules of 2m with a sturdy steel structure, ensuring the same rigidity and accuracy as the mono block basins.

The complete installation including pump, CNC, and CAM software has been developed in house, ensuring perfect synchronization of the entire system.

In the future, the water-jet cutting line will be handled at a separate division within the BYSTRONIC organization. The objective is to concentrate still more on the ever growing, potential markets for this young technology in the non-metallic fields. At the EuroBLECH the water-jet cutting line will be presented on a separate stand.

600450 Bystronic: Standard Machines for cutting extra large parts

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