AZS fused-cast refractory: different oxidizing methods and their impact on refractory behavior.

Date: 8 December 2009
AZS fused cast refractories are probably the most widely used refractory types in glass manufacturing for glass contact applications and superstructure of fuel-fired furnaces.

AZS fused cast refractory changed the very concept of quality and productivity in glass manufacturing.

Resistance to corrosion is an intrinsic property of these refractories, but the low potential for defect generation is the result of continuous technological improvement. These AZS refractory consist of two major crystalline phases (alpha-corundum and baddeleyite) and a quite large volume fraction of glassy phase.

The behavior of this glassy phase is the origin of the unique characteristics of these materials and its chemistry plays a fundamental role in the generation of cords, blisters and knots in glass.

All impurities will eventually segregate in this glassy phase and its Redox state is a major parameter involved in defect generation. Oxidizing the refractory is the operation needed to produce advanced fused cast materials; different technologies can and are being applied to get to this result.

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600450 AZS fused-cast refractory: different oxidizing methods and their impact on refractory behavior.

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