3 Smart Glass Window Installations You Need to See

 3 Smart Glass Window Installations You Need to See
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The design world is constantly innovating, but one trend which only continues to grow in popularity is the use of smart glass in interior design.  Smart glass technology has a world of creative applications, however it is most frequently used in window installations.

After all, switchable glass window panes instantly enhances the modernity of your design and creates an interesting talking point. We’ve compiled a list of 3 of the most amazing smart glass window installations you simply need to see, to inspire your future work.


1. Rothschild Investment Bank

When the Rothschild Investment Bank moved to a new location, they faced the challenge of creating an office that represented their prestigious heritage, while simultaneously embodying their innovative approach to the future. Since they were now located in St. Swithin’s Lane, a medieval alley in London’s city centre with rich architecture, a natural decision was to turn their very surroundings into a sophisticated design feature. As a result, they decided to incorporate wall to wall switchable glass windows in their offices.

The glass permits the illusion that the building is floating above the London skyline. The smart glass window panels seamlessly change from opaque to transparent in under a second. The change instantly transforms the office from a public, open space to discrete offices, which are essential to maintain Rothschild’s prized reputation for confidentiality.

rothschild smart glass


2. Microsoft HQ

The Portugese branch of Microsoft is the company’s European HQ, therefore creating an office space that inspired creativity was core to the design requirement. To meet this need, Microsoft created a vibrant work space with bright colours and bold shapes throughout. However, this design risked appearing cluttered if too many soft furnishings were added. As a result, the designers chose to utilise smart glass windows to remove the need for bulky blinds and curtains.

Choosing smart glass windows not only enhanced a modern and innovative design, but also increased the functionality of the space. The windows can now be used as presentation screens as needed, becoming the perfect canvas when the opaque mode was selected.

Microsoft HQ smart glass


3. Elm Park Marketing Suite

The Elm Park Marketing Suite is an eco-friendly, yet sophisticated, environment for corporate meetings. Designed in 2008, all aspects of the suite were chosen to minimize energy demands while maximising functionality. As a result, wall to wall smart glass windows were the natural choice for the build. Not only do the windows showcase a glorious, breath-taking view of the Irish Sea but they also allow natural sunlight to be used instead of artificial lighting.

However, with wall to wall windows comes a number of privacy considerations. As the space would be used primarily for business meetings, confidentiality was a concern for this office suite. Switchable glass windows were the perfect solution to this dilemma as the panels enable privacy at the simple push of a button. This vastly increases the functionality of the space, and also avoids the need to burden the modern design with blinds or curtains.

Elm Park Smart Glass


Considering smart glass windows for an upcoming project?

To find out more about how smart glass installations can enhance a design, browse our previous projects or contact us today for more information.

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