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Qingdao REXI Industries Co., Ltd | China | Manufacturer
REXI Bird Safe Glass is a glass friendly to birds which offers an innovative solution to the critical issue of bird-window collisions. Utilizing carefully crafted dot and linear patterns on the exterior surface, REXI Bird Safe Ceramic Frit Glass provide a visible warning to birds, effectively reducing the risk of collisions with glass.
cericom GmbH | Germany | Industry service
c-cut is a machine designed for laser cutting, drilling and milling of optically transparent brittle materials, primarily for laser processing of glass.
cericom GmbH | Germany | Industry service
c-mark consists of a module with laser and 2D-scanner and a lens, optionally available with variable focal lengths.
cericom GmbH | Germany | Industry service
The c-matrix series is a heavy-duty and extremely sturdy machine concept developed by cericom.
cericom GmbH | Germany | Industry service
The c-vertica series is our latest patented innovation and a true space saver.
cericom GmbH | Germany | Industry service
ceribird is a bird-friendly laser-structured glass, produced on laser machines from cericom.
STRON Glass Machinery Co.,LTD. | China | Manufacturer
The best choice of modern chemical plant is the original film, the file, the selection, the cutting, the imported servo motor and the frequency converter to drive the flipping and conveying, and the performance is stable and fast and efficient.
Guardian Glass North America | United States | Manufacturer
The expanding Guardian Bird1st™ offering is a work of innovation, and the clear answer when seeking high performance glazing that does its part to help protect birds.
Officina Meccanica Schiatti Angelo S.r.l. | Italy | Manufacturer
Glass loader/unloader
STRON Glass Machinery Co.,LTD. | China | Manufacturer
The loading machine is used to match the glass cutting machine,also can adopted to match glass edging machine, mirror line, laminated line, coating line and tempering furnace. Easy operation, stable perfomance and good safety.
Luoyang North Glass Technology Co., Ltd., | China | Manufacturer
Glass Storage Systems; glas.RB multi-function Glass Storage System, glas.RG Gantry Type Glass Storage System, glas.RD Drawer Type Moving Racks Glass Storage System, glas.RS Shuttle Car Glass Storage System, l Drawer-style Glass Storage System, glas. Organ- style Glass Storage System
Glaston Corporation | Finland | Manufacturer
Looking for state-of-the-art handling equipment? Looking to handle flat glass or windows efficiently? Looking for an optimal addition to your glass-handling equipment?
cericom GmbH | Germany | Industry service
For visually impaired or blind people, tactile guidance systems offer orientation possibilities through haptic recognition, for example for finding and operating doors.
STRON Glass Machinery Co.,LTD. | China | Manufacturer
Glass stock management is for the management of float glass or laminated glass sheet. Easy and safe to manage, space saving and labour cost reducing, is the essential choice of modern factories.
Turomas | Spain | Manufacturer
The machines have been designed to fit virtually any space, offering compact, versatile solutions and to expand as storage needs grow. An equipment for today and for the future.
FOREL | Italy | Manufacturer
Automatic handling and storage smart systems for optimizing the production flow of the glass factory. Tailor-made solutions ensuring high productivity, accurate quality control and increased safety.