Understand The Glass Container Manufacturing Industry In The U.S. And Its Foreign Trade

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c48704) has announced the addition of “Glass Container Manufacturing Industry in the U.S. and its Foreign Trade (1996-2008)” to their offering.

This industry report packs 10 years of data from hundreds of reliable government and private statistical resources. The data have been compared and verified to assure the highest research quality. We frequently contacted these agencies and private companies to acquire the latest information, most of which is unavailable to the general public. It is estimated that to gather and organize the same information into an easy-to-read format in each report, an individual researcher would spend at least a year’s worth of effort. The challenge is, by the time this is accomplished, some data is most likely obsolete. Our business is dedicated to the research of U.S. industries and their associated foreign trades. We can meet that challenge easily as our databases are directly linked to these resources.

There are 473 U.S. manufacturing industries based on the North American Industry Classification System. This has been the de-facto standard since 1997, replacing the traditional Standard Industrial Classification. The comprehensive industry report for each of these 473 industries is important if you desire to have a thorough understanding of your industry. Smart researchers know very well that research is only valuable when it is complete and accurate. A lack of data may potentially result in bad decisions. That is also the reason that the report does not offer any so-called expert opinions. We trust that with enough data, you will be that expert who can discern the information that is valuable to you and your organization.

The U.S. manufacturing sector is expected to hit the monumental 5 trillion dollars net sales in 2006. U.S. economists have projected another 5% to 7% growth in the year 2007. To stay ahead, this industry report is intended for you to analyze the specific U.S. industry in greater detail. Not only does the report provide you with information on domestic production, it also supplies you with an industry’s import and export data. The report depicts what are the products of the industry and their respective contributions. You can compare these products with the industry’s materials, parts and components list that is in the report. The foreign trade data includes 10-years of statistics, and it is projected into year 2008. Such trade data is also provided at the commodity level based on the HTS classification.

In an unprecedented approach, the report also compares the industry’s producer price index with that of the manufacturing sector, the wholesale sub-sectors and the related retail sub-sectors. Combine that information with a plethora of productivity indexes and various production cost components, and you will be equipped with ample information for your 2007 planning.

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Date: 20 January 2007
Source: Businesswire.com

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