Truseal Envirosealed Windows™ with Duralite® Provide Advanced Energy Efficiency

Date: 21 September 2010
Source: Truseal Technologies Inc.
High-Performance Spacer Enables Production of the Windows of the Future, TodaySolon, Ohio, Sept. 14, 2010 – In the future, energy efficiency will be more important than ever as a number of market forces are driving up demand for high-performance windows.

Envirosealed Windows™ with Duralite® are meeting these market demands and helping homeowners save energy, save money and realize the thermal efficiency of the future, today. Truseal Technologies, Inc., a Quanex Building Products company, offers the advanced components and marketing program for these high-performance windows, which can exceed current ENERGY STAR® requirements by up to 40 percent.

Truseal’s Duralite spacer system is the key thermal efficiency enabler in Envirosealed Windows with Duralite. This no-metal, low-conductivity spacer ensures the warmest edge of glass temperature in the industry by more than 3 degrees above desiccated foam and 14 degrees above aluminum bar. It reduces energy loss at the intersection of the glass, spacer and frame, making windows more efficient and minimizing condensation.

At the core of Duralite’s metal-free design is an advanced polycarbonate shim that creates pockets of air for better insulation and less energy loss compared to other spacers on the market. The polycarbonate shim is wrapped in layers of sealants and a desiccant to create an airtight seal, protect from UV wear, and prevent the seepage of gas or water vapor.

“With their superior thermal performance, Envirosealed Windows with Duralite help manufacturers and dealers differentiate their product lines, while meeting increasingly stringent industry specifications and consumer demands,” said Ric Jackson, director of marketing and business development at Truseal. “Homeowners using Envirosealed Windows with Duralite use less energy to heat and cool their homes, saving them an average of up to $205 per year on their energy bills compared to windows using other spacers.”

Using efficient Duralite spacers along with other high-performance components can significantly reduce window U-values down to 0.20 – or an R-5 rating, which aligns with the Department of Energy’s R-5 Windows Volume Purchase Program. Duralite enables manufacturers to produce Envirosealed Windows with R-5 ratings in both double-pane and triple-pane designs. Achieving an R-5 rating in a double – an efficiency rating previously attained only with a triple – is possible by combining the low conductivity of a Duralite spacer with a thermally enhanced frame (such as the EnergyCore™ window system by Mikron), argon gas filling and low-emissivity coatings. In R-5 triples, Duralite prevents the transfer of heat between the three closely located panes of glass to enable the efficient R-5 rating. In both R-5 double and triple Envirosealed Windows, Duralite eliminates the need for krypton, an expensive rare gas that would significantly raise the cost of a window.

Truseal has developed a comprehensive marketing program for manufacturers and dealers to promote the energy-saving advantages of Envirosealed Windows with Duralite to their customers. The program includes showroom posters and pop-up displays, as well as a variety of customizable materials, including brochures, print ads, online banner ads, direct mail postcards, door hangers and yard signs. In addition, Truseal provides a sales tool featuring a Duralite spacer sample and insulated glass unit with information on the anatomy of the spacer, as well as a unique window value calculator that helps dealers and contractors decide what type of window they and their customers need.

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About Truseal Technologies, Inc.

Truseal Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Solon, Ohio, and part of the Quanex Building Products Corporation, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of insulating glass (IG) products and systems. Truseal produces superior IG warm edge spacer systems with consistent after-sales service and a warranty program for qualified window fabricators. In addition, with a wide variety of equipment platforms, Truseal provides customers with value and efficiency in their window fabrication operations. Truseal’s trademarks include: Duraseal™ and Duralite®, both part of the company’s Dura Platform; Envirosealed Windows™, which feature Dura Platform spacers to insulate homes and reduce energy consumption; and Decoseal™, a spacer system designed for use in decorative windows with multiple air spaces. For more information, visit


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600450 Truseal Envirosealed Windows™ with Duralite® Provide Advanced Energy Efficiency
Date: 21 September 2010
Source: Truseal Technologies Inc.

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