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| The colorful façade artwork at Floriade Grounds in Almere, a fusion of design and functionality
| IGE Glass Technologies, Inc. announces exclusive North American distribution partnership with KERAjet S.A. for Dip-Tech digital printing technology.
| The renowned window manufacturer Finstral invests in a high-tech machine from Tecglass to produce high quality products
| A new vision for the North American Market has led Tecglass to expand its commercial and logistical services.
| Tecglass chosen as perfect partner by ÜVEG for digital printing line installation
| The full complement of Fenzi Group companies and business units – Fenzi, Alu Pro, Rolltech, Fenzi AGT and Tecglass – will participate in Vitrum.
| Digital printing glass exhibition by the architecture studio MIAS at DHUB Barcelona
| With this new expansion, now completed and fully operational, Tecglass S.L has increased its production floor to a total area of 13.000 m².
| Camyapi has formed an alliance with Tecglass to equip their factory with the latest digital printing technology.
| Tvitec technology present in Google's new campus
| A perfect balance between energy efficiency and aesthetics
| Amber-Glass incorporates digital printing technology into its production processes for its plant at Chorzów-Poland.
| The deal is expected to close within the next 60 days.
| All of the Group’s business units were on display – Fenzi, Alu Pro, Rolltech, Fenzi AGT and Tecglass.
| At Glasstec the spotlight is on indoor comfort, energy savings and environmental sustainability with the most expansive array of technologies engineered for the international glass industry.
| Tecglass has prepared a very innovative disposition for this edition that will leave no visitor indifferent, the unprecedented in digital printing.
| The increasing demand for larger glass sheet sizes has lead the company to further recent investments.
| Successful years of collaboration resulting in outstanding projects
| Check out the live demo of Tecglass' Vitro-Jet FS Type!
| JETVER BASE inks range were developed by Tecglass for the world of architecture, providing excellent performance in terms of chemical resistance to the effects of weather and superior durability over time.