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Systems for special tasks | Eko-Okna
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Date: 1 April 2019

Large glazing thanks to aluminum sliding systems - get to know our offer.

They light up the rooms, stay in relation with the surroundings of the house and give it an interesting, modern look – these are just some of advantages of sliding systems. To the advantages of sliding systems can be added one more – the ability to create even larger constructions.

Our aluminum sliding doors are based on systems of recognized suppliers. Today we present and offer of one of them –Aliplast. Our customers can choose from simple sliding systems, folding doors, lift and slide doors, as well as those whose wings are hidden in the wall of the building when opened.



System dedicated for production of folding doors. It allows to create almost six-meter structures, consisting of up to eight wings.

Technical specification:

  • system with a thermal break
  • depth of the frame building - 74.5 mm
  • wing sash depth - 74.5 mm
  • glazing with packages from 16 to 50 mm




The system can be used to create an interesting solution, which is Galandage. Thanks to this system, sliding wings can be almost completely hidden in the building wall and thus increase transition light.

Technical specification:

  • system with a thermal break
  • frame depth - from 73 to 196 mm
  • sash depth - 44 mm
  • glazing with packages - 24, 28 or 32 mm




System przeznaczony do produkcji drzwi podnoszonych oraz podnoszono-przesuwnych. Konstrukcja może składać się z sześciu elementów i poruszać się po dwóch lub trzech torach.

Technical specification:

  • system with a thermal break
  • sash depth - 51 mm
  • depth of the standard door frame - 117.7 mm
  • glazing with packages from 6 to 36 mm




The system is designed for the production of lift and slide structures. Available in a version with increased thermal insulation.

Technical specification:

  • system withb a thermal break
  • frame depth - from 153 to 239 mm
  • sash depth - 67 mm
  • glazing with packages from 14 to 52 mm


All systems are varnished according to the RAL palette in the Aliplast Wood Colour Effect structure. We also offer anodized and bicolor finish.

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