Special Purpose Machines and Plants For the Economical Production of Solar Glass

Date: 19 March 2010
Source: Tmb-torgauermaschinenbau.de
Solar energy production is one of the current and future key technologies. Accordingly, there is a continuously growing demand for efficient components for application and further development of these technologies.

Of eminent strategic importance in this context is the rational production of high-quality solar glass. TMB has identified this development already in the early 90s and has expanded into various fields of the production of solar glass or PV modules, respectively. Nowadays, TMB therefore is a globally sought-after partner in this field.
TMB is well-equipped for the growing demand in production plants and special purpose equipment in the solar industry. First steps in this field were made as early as in the 1990s, so directly after the foundation of the company, when plants for the production of PV modules were manufactured by means of the GH process. These plants were exported world-wide, i.e. to Japanese manufacturers of PV modules, where they were successfully used.
Today, plants and equipments for thin layer solar technology are in the focus of interest. For this purpose TMB develops, manufactures and delivers in particular special purpose equipment and material flow technology for the production of high-quality solar glass. The components, machines and complete plants, including their control technology, are optimized according to the clients' needs. In particular, this involves the following components and systems:
All kinds of materials handling and conveying equipment
Rotating stations
Turning stations
Tipping conveyor sections
Loading and Unloading equipment
Application machines
Marking stations
Test stations
Special handling
Special purpose machines
Assembly for the production of rolled flat glass from two view points. Image: TMB 
World-wide renowned manufacturers of solar modules purchase and apply these products. Further specialities of TMB in the field of technologies in solar glass production are machines for roll-out processes. In this field TMB also possesses several years of experience, since tailor-made client-specific glass roll-out machines and systems have equally been developed, built, and delivered to customers in Germany, Italy and China, since the 1990's.
Currently, TMB designs and manufactures glass roll-out machines especially for the glass producer "Glasmanufaktur Brandenburg GmbH" in Tschernitz. These are particularly optimised for this purpose.
On the one hand, the tendency to produce solar glass by means of roll-out processes is a result of its cost advantages (investments and operation) with regard to the float glass process, which lead to a considerably cheaper production of the PV modules. On the other hand, the roll-out glass technology is more flexibly applicable due to the smaller production assemblies. In addition, the characteristics of roll-out solar glass itself are also advantageous due to its high energy transmission and the surface structures applied because of the rolling process.
Parallel to this TMB is also working on the development and realisation of further special solutions for the production of solar glass.
As a complete supplier of machines and plants for the flat glass production, including development, design, delivery and commissioning, as well as an extensive after-sales service, TMB is an innovative, reliable and flexible partner with a high degree of professional competence. 

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Date: 19 March 2010
Source: Tmb-torgauermaschinenbau.de

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