Solarnova: acquisition of a new Stringer and increase of production capacity

Solarnova: acquisition of a new Stringer and increase of production capacity
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Since 1996 solarnova Deutschland GmbH with headquarters in Wedel (near Ham-burg, Germany) produces high quality photovoltaic panels.

“Our production is divided into two business lines - on the one hand the conventional module produc-tion and on the other the BIPV solar module manufacture. The BIPV systems are not only a comple-ment to classic building materials, but they replace them being aesthetic elements for custom-made solutions on facades, glass roofs or shading devices, tailor-made for each project. With solarnova the photovoltaic technology has become part of the contemporary architecture”, says Bernd Woderich, production manager for over 30 years at solarnova.

Solarnova always at the forefront of technological advances and current photovoltaic market needs, acquired at the beginning of March a new Stringer from the equally German trade mark Teamtechnik with whom they maintain a strong business relationship for over 20 years.

A Stringer is the core of photovoltaic module manufacturing: its function is to perform the welding between cells in order to form chains, leaving the cells perfectly aligned with each other while making a quality analysis of each cell, looking for micro-tears, scratches or broken edges.

Among other effects, thanks to this new Stringer, solarnova obtains the following:

  • Increase of its conventional module manufacture capacity up to 65 MWp per year.
  • Increase of its BIPV module manufacture capacity up to 20 MWP per year.
  • Using cells of 3, 4 and up to 5 busbars, thereby improving the aesthetic design of poly- and monocrystalline cells, which in turn transfer into more aesthetic modules.
  • Increased efficiency and more competitive prices: More power than 300 Wp in modules with only 60 cells.
  • Optimized cell handling and reduction of the breakage/waste rate.
  • High quality, Made in Germany: consistently recognized for the quality of its modules, solarno-va remains committed to constantly search for maximum efficiency without sacrificing quality and ex-penses for its customers.

With the acquisition of this new state-of-the-art Stringer, solarnova aims to maintain the international appreciation it has been working on every day throughout its existence, as a point of reference in the manufacturing of photovoltaic modules (Made in Germany), the application and integration of the photovoltaic technology in aesthetic, architectural elements with the highest possible quality and effi-ciency.

Solarnova succeeded in breaking through the traditional framework of photovoltaic systems when realizing cutting-edge projects, satisfying local environmental economics and solving compatibly the private and social use of natural resources.

The impact caused by solarnova on an international level is so strong that the Mexican company Grupo Desmex, as its most potential client with more than 5.000 consolidated projects, such as solar parks, BIPV projects (Building Integrated Photovoltaic), as well as multiple commercial and residential projects, appears in constant development beyond a relia-ble social commitment and expanding for Latin America and the world, inviting companies and individ-uals to join the distribution network, exclusively of the trademark.

Being a precursor of photovoltaic modules and components for this technology, it offers competitive prices and guarantees which are growth-enhancing for the companies, providing a vast array of opportunities when maximizing benefits during service life, quality and a continuous environmental improvement.

Solarnova seeks to raise people´s awareness to the globalization on the impact of photovoltaic technological advances, since it is predicted to be the best energy source of today and for the future.

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600450 Solarnova: acquisition of a new Stringer and increase of production capacity

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