Solar Technology To Brighten Your Life

A leading Japanese Solar corporation has announced that they are introducing two types of new lighting systems that integrate solar cells and high-intensity, energy efficient, long-lasting and mercury-free LEDs (light emitting diodes).

One of the products, called Lumiwall, is a translucent glass wall into which thin-film see-through solar cells and LEDs are built. The thin-film solar cells enable light to shine through during the day while at the same time generating electricity using sunlight. At night, the built-in LEDs provide illumination using the stored energy.

The other is a solar-powered lamppost for street lighting. This streetlight does not require installation of power cables, either overhead or buried. As a free-standing lighting fixture generating its own electric power, it can operate even in cases of power failures due to natural disasters or other power outages.

The manufacturer, Sharp, say they have been the world's leading solar cell manufacturer for four consecutive years. These two products are a first step toward the development of lighting systems that combine solar cells and LEDs.

600450 Solar Technology To Brighten Your Life
Date: 2 March 2006

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