Solar glass process enhanced

Date: 11 January 2012
US-based New Energy Technologies has been able to produce its latest SolarWindow prototype using a process that can be scaled up more quickly towards commercial production and at faster speeds.

New Energy Technologies is one of several start-ups bringing to market low-cost, high-volume processes for making solar cells and integrating into substrates for applications like energy-harvesting glass for buildings. Image: New Energy TechnologiesThe company's enhanced scale-up process still allows for the application of its electricity-generating coatings to be applied at room temperature onto glass. The technology forms the basis of translucent window and glass products for building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) applications.

The new solution-coating method is an alternative to the spray coating process the company has been using and allows for rapid scale-up to larger glass surface areas. The advanced process also allows for more uniform application of functional coatings, to make the company's SolarWindows.

The technique has been demonstrated as compatible with roll-to-roll fabrication methods, potentially providing for large-scale manufacturing. Earlier in 2011, New Energy researchers successfully applied the SolarWindow electricity-generating coatings onto flexible plastic, which could be developed in time as a tinted window film that also produces electricity.

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600450 Solar glass process enhanced
Date: 11 January 2012

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