Solar Glass Is Popular, And Landglass Continuous Furnace Sells Well

Date: 27 August 2009
Source: Land Glass
Recently the solar glass is more and more popular in the market, and the continuous tempering furnace which has unique advantages in the processing of solar glass also keeps selling well.

With the signing of equipment supply contract with Xinyi Glass on Jul. 28, Landglass has sold 5 sets of continuous tempering furnaces in merely two months. At the same time, Landglass is engaging in the negotiation about the contract of two sets of continuous temperature furnaces.
The countries in the world are strongly developing the new energy sources, and solar energy is gradually becoming the main force among them. According to the global situation of solar energy industry development, the solar energy industry in foreign countries started earlier, and it’s relatively mature and the demand is tending to stable, but the total demand is large. However, the Chinese solar energy industry started later, and development space is huge. According to the statistics, the actual output of solar glass in our country in 2007 was only 60% of the total market demand. In order to accelerate the promotion and application of solar photoelectricity in the field of Chinese urban and rural construction, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction jointly issued the Implementation Opinions on Accelerating to Promote the Application of Solar Photoelectricity in Buildings on Apr. 7 of this year, which specifies the financial subsidy to the “Roof Plan” photovoltaic projects conforming to the requirements. With the implementation of national foster policy, the development speed of solar energy industry in China increases greatly, and the annual demand is growing at the rate of 40%.
In this circumstance, Xinyi Glass and other domestic glass processing magnates successively purchased the equipment and entered to the solar glass industry. Administrative President of Xinyi Glass, Dong Qingshi, expressed that his company will greatly expand the corresponding productive capacity, in view of the large market demand of solar glass. In Jan. 2008, that company put its first production line of solar glass into production, that is, production line of ultra white photovoltaic glass. In the third quarter of this year, that company will put one production line of ultra white patterned photovoltaic glass into production. At that time, it will form the globally largest productive capacity of photovoltaic glass.
Solar glass must be done the tempering glass, thus Xinyi Glass and other companies purchased Landglass continuous tempering furnaces, which created favorable conditions for the rapid increase of productive capacity of photovoltaic glass. The dimension and specification of solar glass are relatively fixed; the thickness is mostly 3-6mm; and the batch output is large. The continuous tempering furnace has the process characteristics of high efficiency, large output and high quality, which completely conform to the tempering requirements of solar glass. In the situation that the market demand of solar glass is very large, purchasing continuous tempering furnace is the first choice of the manufacturers. According to the users’ keen demand, Landglass is actively organizing the manpower and material resources, and insists on the excellent design and elaborate manufacture, so as to ensure the high-quality equipment delivery on schedule and fully meet the users’ demands.

600450 Solar Glass Is Popular, And Landglass Continuous Furnace Sells Well
Date: 27 August 2009
Source: Land Glass

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