Şişecam Chairman Prof. Dr. Kirman Presented with 'Glass Person of the Year' Award

Date: 2 October 2023
Source: Şişecam
Şişecam Chairman Prof. Dr. Kirman Presented with 'Glass Person of the Year' Award
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Date: 2 October 2023

This prestigious award – known as the 'Oscar' of the glass industry – was presented to Prof. Dr. Kirman by the Phoenix Award Committee in Como, Italy.

Şişecam Chairman and Fully Authorized Executive Member of The Board of Directors Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kirman received the 'Glass Person of the Year 2023' award for his long-term, significant, and valuable contributions to the global glass industry. This prestigious award, widely known as the 'Oscar' of the glass industry, was presented to Prof. Dr. Kirman by the Phoenix Award Committee at a special ceremony held in Como, Italy. Representatives of the global glass industry and the business world convened at this special event, where Phoenix Award Committee Chairman Lincoln Brown presented the award to Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kirman. 

We can solve the world's shared problems with shared wisdom 

At the award ceremony, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kirman delivered a speech on how the glass industry can play an active role in for solving the major challenges that the world is currently facing: “Today, the world has three critical problems, and the glass industry could have a vital role to play in solving these problems. The biggest issue the world is facing today is unequal income distribution. The glass industry should adopt a more constructive and inclusive approach that enriches not only its shareholders but also its employees. We must go beyond defining everything with costs and EBITDA and step up our efforts to correct the income distribution in the glass ecosystem. Another pressing issue is that the concept of a sustainable world is not sufficiently taken into consideration for the sake of political and economic interests, in spite of being strongly voiced, especially in developed countries and at the United Nations. First of all, the glass industry needs to act together to address resource use. In order to tackle our common problems effectively, we must create a shared wisdom, free from the desire for profit, and focused on collaboration rather than competition.  Another critical issue is that the world's population has exceeded 8 billion and women, who make up more than half the total, are still not offered an equitable environment despite a lot of sophisticated rhetoric. We should also work harder to provide equal opportunities for women in the glass industry at all levels and every stage of production." 

Prof. Dr. Kirman also expressed his thoughts about the Glass Person of the Year Award: "It is a tremendous honor to be presented with this prestigious award. My professional journey has included roles as a judge, an academic, and a banker, culminating in my experience in the glass industry. It is very impressive both in terms of motivation and responsibility to know that what we do is followed and appreciated in this sector. I would like to thank the distinguished members of the Committee."  

Phoenix Award Committee Chairman Lincoln Brown stated that they were very happy to present this award to Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kirman, who had made significant contributions to the development of the glass industry for 17 years. He also pointed out that Sisecam was able to become a global powerhouse under Prof. Dr. Kirman's inspiring leadership.  

A global player in the global glass and chemicals industry, Şişecam conducts manufacturing operations in 14 countries on four continents with 24.000 employees and reaches 150 countries worldwide with its products.  

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kirman 

About Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kirman 

Throughout his career, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kirman has had the opportunity to explore diverse fields such as law, banking, and academia, each contributing to his professional growth and enriching his perspective. In 2006, he joined Şişecam, and since then, he has been dedicated to contributing to the success of the global glass industry. Since 2006, At Şişecam, he served as Şişecam’s Chairman and Fully Authorized Executive Member from 2006 to 2011. Vice Chairman and CEO from 2011 to 2021. Chairman and CEO as of 30 March 2021. He was appointed as the Chairman on 1 July 2021 and Fully Authorized Executive Member of the Board of Directors at the General Assembly meeting held on 28 March 2022.  

Şişecam set its global leadership goals and the goal of becoming one of the world's top 3 manufacturers in its main fields of activity under his leadership. He initiated a very important infrastructure transformation to prepare Şişecam for the future. This was followed by the merger of One Şişecam which was the largest merger in the history of Turkish capital markets. Since 2006 Şişecam has expanded the reach of its products to 150 countries and increased sales by 3,5 folds. By 2022, the share of international sales exceeded 60%. Şişecam’s annual glass production has increased by 2,3 folds, and soda ash production has increased by 4,2 folds. The number of Şişecam employees has grown from 15 thousand to over 24 thousand in 17 years.  

He has been honored with the title of “Cavaliere” of “the Order of the Star of Italy,” nominated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and bestowed by the President of the Italian Republic, in recognition of strengthening economic bilateral relations and mutual investments between Italy and Turkey. President of the Republic of Tatarstan honored him with the “Medal of Valorous Labor” in recognition of Şişecam’s contributions to the development of investments and economic cooperation. He has also been honored with the “Medal of Appreciation” for contributions to the economic development of the Targovishte Region in Bulgaria. He was also awarded the “Chairman of the Year” at the Le Fonti Awards, an award platform of one of the leading economics media organizations in Italy. In 2019, in recognition of his lifetime contributions to the glass science and technology, encouraging the exchange of knowledge and promotion of national and international glass community, he was awarded with the “President’s Award” by the International Commission on Glass (ICG). 

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