Safti First: Employees Raise Over $10,000 To Purchase Bicycles For School Children

Date: 15 December 2007
Source: Safti First
Safti First, manufacturer of fire rated glazing and  framing products, raised over $10,000 to purchase bicycles for school children who attend four elementary  schools near the company’s Merced manufacturing plant, located in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

We’ve been a part of this community for  more than a dozen years,” said Ron Drew,  Operations Manager for SAFTI FIRST  and its parent company, O’Keeffe’s Inc.  “Nearly everyone who works here at the  plant grew up in Merced’s south side…the  poor side of town,” he explained. “Christmas is a ‘north side’ experience for  most.We wanted to do something that  provides not only a brighter Christmas,  but sends a positive message that if you  work hard, things really do have a way of  working out.”

SAFTI FIRST raised the money among the 100 employees at the local plant and the San Francisco sales office,  and enlisted the support and assistance of the local school district. The school district endorsed the program  and identified students who’ve improved their grades, and also those from families in need. “We’ve put  together Bicycle Giveaway day, December 22nd, at the warehouse for these kids and their parents –– a bounce  house, hamburger and hotdog lunch, some dedicated playtime,” Drew continued. “It’s going to be 157 excited  youngsters –– all on wheels at the same time!

“For many of them, it’s also going to be a first taste of freedom, of independence. A bike to a child is like a  car to a teenager –– a rite of passage –– and we’re really pleased to be able to partner with the schools and  parents to give them this moment…and to hopefully impress upon them that doing well and staying in school  is the right path to better things in life,” he concluded.

600450 Safti First: Employees Raise Over $10,000 To Purchase Bicycles For School Children
Date: 15 December 2007
Source: Safti First

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