Riovetro: A Leading Company in the Field of Frosted Glass Production

Date: 16 September 2005
Source: Riovetro
HALL 15/II – STAND C35RIOVETRO is leading company in the field of frosted glass production. Thanks to its modern plants and sophisticated equipment, Riovetro is able to satisfy any request coming from its customers of all over the world.

Now the production has been widened with frosted glass in jumbo size.

We got the idea of processing and producing Acid-processed Frosted Glass in jumbo sizes (600 x 321 cm) directly from the market. The glass structures that support the big Frosted Glass consumers, the furniture industries, are processing only jumbo sheets, because of utilization, remnants and wooden cases disposal problems. It has been necessary for us to organize ourselves. We started planning our investment. We built a new factory shet and extended our offices.

Then we planned the production system. As certainly known, neither the Italian nor the worldwide market has at its disposal a production system able to produce Acid processed Frosted Glass; we exploited our experiences and our technical abilities. After two years, the production system has been completed.

The whole process is automatic: sheets positioning, pre-wash cycle, skimming, washing, “TUNNEL” for chemical solution attack, rinsing, drying, quality control, unloading and packing of the finished product. The whole system is synchronized and checked by industrial PLC or “PRODUCTION ROOM”.

The production capacity is 240 sqm per hour and thicknesses from 3 mm up to 19 mm can be processed. The result of the production process is the “half-bright” finish of the processed glass , called RIO-GLITTER by us. Its surface is smooth and really uniform; it is checked by a “Quality Control System”, that allows the passage of perfect sheets only and assures absolute high quality. The processed sheets are borderless.

At Vitrum 2005 we will present other interesting news, which will enrich the actual range of RIOVETRO’s products.

600450 Riovetro: A Leading Company in the Field of Frosted Glass Production

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