POLFLAM – The largest fire-resistant glass panes in the world

Contemporary architects tend to stress the importance of daylight inside buildings. Therefore, most partitions have become glazed walls.

Nevertheless, there have been restrictions to the dimensions of glass panels available in the market, wherever such partitions play a role of fire-protection walls.

Today, the restrictions have ceased to exist. POLFLAM, a renowned producer of fire-resistant glass, has overcome another technological barrier to launch glass panels of unique dimensions– 2200 x 4200 mm.

Why is it that important for construction? The point is that the structural elements should be brought down to minimum (as little cuts and joinery as possible). That means that the visual effect is crucial. Large-size glass panels so much wanted by both architects and users, are, however, quite demanding, in particular the items ensuring safety. POLFLAM fire-resistant glass panes are of exceptional performance and unique maximum dimensions: 2200 x 4200 mm, formerly unavailable in the market.

POLFLAM glass has high acoustic insulation (Rw up to 45 dB) and an exceptional light transmittance factor (up to 87.,6%).

The glass can be used with any kind of joinery: aluminium, steel and wooden as well as in the frameless systems which have become more and more popular.

The POLFLAM fire-resistant glass of the largest dimensions available globally has passed tests for fire resistance carried out at both the producer’s own laboratory and with notified European labs, in compliance with the European Standard. The latter is yet another confirmation of the brand’s top quality product.

Architects’ ambition is to match esthetics with user safety. This very philosophy has been adopted by the POLFLAM brand and it has inspired the company to make their subsequent products live up to the trends of contemporary construction industry.

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