Pekema starts online survey on tinted glass

The Malay Vehicle Importers and Dealers’ Association (Pekema) is drafting a memorandum urging the Government to lower the required level of light penetration on tinted glass of vehicles.

Pekema, which is representing over 200 bumiputra car importers and dealers, said it would propose to the Government to lower the permissible light level to 60% on the front windscreen, 30% on side windows and 20% on rear windows.Under the Motor Vehicles (Prohibition of Certain Types of Glass) Rules 1991, the level of light penetration should not be less than 70% on the front windscreen and not less than 50% on the rear windscreen and side windows.

Pekema Ops Gelap Referendum Preparatory Subcommittee chairman and legal adviser Abu Backer Sidek said an online survey would be carried out to seek public opinion.

The public have one month from now to vote via the association’s website at,which was launched on Wednesday.

Abu Backer said there were also many other questions on the online survey and the public could give suggestions on how best to tackle the issue of tinted glass and factory-fitted tinted glass on imported cars.

“We want the public’s input because they are the ones directly affected if the current ruling is not amended,” he said, adding that the results would be compiled into a memorandum and submitted to the Government.

He cited sun exposure as one of the reasons for the Government to consider allowing a higher tint as excessive ultraviolet rays could cause skin damage and also skin cancer.

Abu Backer also said that in many instances, the Road Transport Department (JPJ)’s light test was not done under the sun but in shady areas such as under trees.

“This will affect the meter reading and thus, many are summoned for no reason,” he said.

JPJ recently announced that under the Ops Gelap operation car owners would face a RM300 fine if their vehicle glass tint was not within specifications.

600450 Pekema starts online survey on tinted glass
Date: 3 December 2002
Source: The Star Online

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