Painted Glass in Toilet Point of View

There is a usage of painted glass from a different perspective. It is the usage of painted glass in a Toilet, in order to make Toilets with Style.

Painted glass due to it’s superior ease of maintenance, is one of the wall material that having more popular to be used in the toilet, especially in Europe .Toilet will look cleaner.Cleaning will be much easier, we can easily wipe off the dirts. The glass smooth surface will help in the cleaning, just use a wet cloth to clean it.

Toilets need to look clean, other than clean, painted glass can provide calm and fresh ambience. Painted glass will dramatize the space make it more pleasant and refresh the environment.

It can be kept bright by the reflection of the illumination space, unique glass with reflection effect.

Painted glass will add sense of luxury in the toilet, even compared with other luxury wall materials like granite, marble, etc. It is an excellent choice to enhance the convenience in a toilet.

In Japan, due to its limited space, many designers already started to incorporate glass into their design. The usage of painted glass and combination with mirror is one of the answer to make a wide space effect in a limited space of the toilet.


The reflection of the painted glass will brighten and give spacious feeling. you can arrange the depth of reflection with lighting play as well. Combination of both painted glass and mirror can strengthened the feeling.

Another benefit of painted glass is the maximum size it can give , which is up to 3048x2134mm in standard size. With this large panel, you can have less joints for wall cladding. Its more versatile to your design.

The color in the painted glass will dramatize the toilet space, each color will provide a different ambience, apparently white & black is the most common color, as the colors give clean, cool, calm, and refreshing ambience.

Other colors can also brighten the space, give the illuminating effects, and combination with mirror will help to widen the space.

However, the main feature of the painted glass is the ease of cleaning.

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