NorthGlass Triturbo-fan enters into energy saving transformation fan market

Date: 20 February 2023
Source: NorthGlass
NorthGlass Triturbo-fan enters into energy saving transformation fan market
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Date: 20 February 2023

NorthGlass Triturbo-fan Technology Co., Ltd. and Xi 'an Xuanwa Group Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Promote Energy Saving Transformation

On February 3rd, NorthGlass Triturbo-fan Technology Co., Ltd. and Xi 'an Xuanwa Group held a signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement. Li Jiansen, general manager of NorthGlass Triturbo-fan Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhang Jiaqi, chairman of Xi' an Xuanwa Group signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both sides.

NorthGlass Triturbo-fan Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection of innovation, research and development, production, sales in one of the fan manufacturing high-tech enterprise, it committed to research and development of high energy efficiency Triturbo-fan for many years; Xi'an Xuanwa is a group company to provide power energy saving overall solutions for major industrial enterprises and large customers. In line with the principle of “resource sharing and common development”, both sides have reached consensus on cooperation through friendly exchanges and consultation.

At the signing ceremony, Zhang Jiaqi said, products of NorthGlass Triturbo-fan Technology Co., Ltd were successfully selected into the National Recommended Catalogue of Energy Saving Technology and Equipment in the field of Industry and Information Technology, which is a high affirmation of NorthGlass Triturbo-fan Technology, also is the official certification of its high energy efficiency products, Xi'an Xuanwa Group is also full of confidence in the energy saving level of high energy efficiency fan products, and such good products should also be widely promoted and used in industrial enterprises.

NorthGlass Triturbo-fan enters into energy saving transformation fan market

Li Jiansen said that Xi 'an Xuanwa Group's mission of “reducing the burden for enterprises, saving energy for the country, and reducing emission for the earth” is in the same direction as the development concept of NorthGlass Triturbo-fan Technology Co., Ltd. Its good customer resources and product promotion channels have laid a solid foundation for achieving mutual benefit and win-win results. It is hoped that both sides will take this opportunity to give full play to their advantages in their respective fields, actively seek more cooperation ways and promote bilateral cooperation to a wider range and a deeper level.

This strategic cooperation will make both sides complement each other and jointly carry out energy saving transformation fan business for industrial enterprises. NorthGlass Triturbo-fan Technology Co., Ltd. will work with Xi 'an Xuanwa Group to use its advantages in market, “contract energy management” and other service advantages and financial advantages, so that more enterprises can use NorthGlass high energy efficiency Triturbo-fan to achieve energy saving and efficiency, and at the same time to make more contributions to the national energy saving and consumption reduction, green and low carbon goals.

600450 NorthGlass Triturbo-fan enters into energy saving transformation fan market

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