Leading Inernatinal Solar Company Applies Diamon-Fusion Nano-Coating As Standard Feature On All Its Solar Panels

Date: 18 June 2010
Source: DFI
IRVINE, Calif., June 15, 2010- Diamon-Fusion International, Inc. (DFI Nanotechnology), global developer and exclusive licensor of patented hydrophobic nanotechnologies, announced today the specification and utilization of its flagship Diamon-Fusion® patented nano-coating as a new standard feature applied on all solar panels distributed by SolarTech™, a leading solar company providing solutions to energy efficiency.

Diamon-Fusion® has been specified to be fashioned on each solar heating system as a valuable low-maintenance (easy-to-clean) feature to reduce on-going cleaning costs. DFI’s eco-friendly nano-coating also eliminates the need for harsh chemicals thus creating a "greener" and cleaner environment. Diamon-Fusion® nano-coating will be applied directly to the solar panels’ glass substrate, protecting the system from environmental elements, by providing a low-maintenance feature along with a barrier from damage caused by hard water, oil, smog, calcium and sodium deposits, and dirt, while providing UV stability, impact protection and increased brilliance.
Formed in 2006, SolarTech™ is South Africa's leading solar water heating systems producer and the most successful organization of its kind, worldwide, installing in excess of 35,000 systems per year, while consistently reducing annual carbon emissions by 130,000 tons. The company focuses on the installation of effective, renewable energy solutions to suit both the public and private sectors, for commercial and residential properties. In partnering with SolarTech™, the patented Diamon-Fusion® coating will be applied as a standard feature to every SolarTech Geyers™, the most cost-effective solar water heating system on the market. SolarTech™ is the first company in South Africa to embrace the move towards a new low carbon and green economy. For every SolarTech Geyser installed, there's an average saving of 2,000 kWh of electricity, thus preventing 1000 kg of coal being burnt and the release of 3700 kg of carbon dioxide into the eco-system. SolarTech Geysers™ are manufactured in South Africa according to international solar technology standards to meet the unique climatic conditions in Africa and are the most cost-efficient solar water heating systems on the market.
“Diamon-Fusion® is now being applied to all our SolarTech panels and forms part of our maintenance program called Solsure,” added James McCallum, Group Managing Director of SolarTech. “Our forward-thinking company is the first to consider clients' needs in terms of efficiency and performance and we look forward to partnering with DFI to continue to put client needs and environmental concern as top on mind.”
“There continues to be a vast interest and great acceptance of the DFI nanotech products within multiple renewable energy sectors and the value-added product offerings Diamon-Fusion's innovative nano-coating technology present to the solar energy market,” stated Guillermo Seta, executive director of DFI Global Operations. “We are thrilled to partner with the South African leader in renewable energy and we are pleased to showcase the multi-functional capabilities our patented system provides in this growing industry”, added John de Rooy, DFI's licensee and exclusive distributor in South Africa.
During the last two years, leading governments worldwide have committed over $180 billion dollars to sustainable energy, according to the Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment report. Financial investment in developing countries has increased over 27 percent to $36.6 billion, with over $1.1 billion going to Africa alone. Total investments in the renewable energy sector reached over $117 billion with $33.5 billion going directly to solar energy projects. The drivers that have propelled investment in the sustainable energy sector so dramatically for the past five years are still at work—climate change, energy insecurity, fossil fuel depletion and new technologies.

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