Get to know our new range of Interior and Decorative glass

Get to know our new range of Interior and Decorative glass
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Date: 18 November 2016

Featuring six unique ranges including Spectra, Scala,Mirra, Lumina, Pixa and Futura, you’re sure to find a product that will take your space to new heights.

Earlier this year we were so thrilled to announce the official launch of our visually stunning Interior and Decorative glass range.

With a focus on light and how it interacts with glass, we were inspired to create a range that would excite designers and architects and encourage them to use glass in ways they had never thought possible.

Stepping outside the box of how glass is perceived to be used in interiors, we created a suite of products that embrace colours, patterns, textures, reflectivity, translucency and digital graphics.

Our Interior and Decorative range of glass is not only innovative and fresh but inspires unique ideas, creating remarkable and unforgettable spaces.

From traditional to modern designs, Interior and Decorative demonstrates twenty-first century glass production technology at its most advanced.

Featuring six unique ranges including  SpectraScala,MirraLumina, Pixa and Futura, you’re sure to find a product that will take your space to new heights.


Spectra coloured glass range

Spectra coloured glass range

Our Spectra range is designed to reflect light in the most luminous capacity. By incorporating solid and transparent colour into spaces it enhances moods and experiences.

Our SpectraColour™ glass for instance is bright and bold and available in 20 contemporary colours or for a luminous affect, check out our SpectraElements™ glass – along with dynamic colour it offers a striking glossy appearance.


Scala textured glass range

Scala textured glass range

With a focus on texture and patterns, the Scala range creates a patterned surface that transforms light into layers, creating scale and depth while also offering subtle privacy.

The range is available in a wonderful suite of products all offering a different dimension to add to your space – like ScalaMirage™, a laminated glass where a pattern is etched into both sides creating a luxurious and unique design.


Mirra reflective glass range

Mirra reflective glass range

The play of light in spaces is enhanced by the surface of glass itself. By using reflection, you can bounce, direct and return light in environments.

Mirrored glass is so much more than seeing our own reflection, it opens up spaces making them feel more expansive while allowing people to feel connected to the environment around them.

Our Mirra range of glass offers this plus so much more including our MirraTrust™ glass, built tough it offers superior strength with an extra protective film, meaning it stays together if cracked.


Lumina translucent glass range

Lumina translucent glass range

When you want a little privacy without feeling shut out from the world, you need a subtle glass that offers a lightly softened surface such as translucent and frosted glass.

Our Lumina glass range illuminates tranquil and private spaces with a soft and delicate light. For discreet privacy our LuminaMist™ glass has a frosted appearance and for a softer and more diffused light our LuminaCloud™ glass offers a non-reflective matt surface.


Pixa graphic glass

Pixa graphic glass

Our Pixa glass or DigiGlass™ uses a computer-based digital imaging system allowing you to place a chosen image between layers of glass. The system is exceptionally efficient and versatile, opening up endless opportunities for you to decorate your space.


Futura glass

Futura glass

More than a building product, glass today has evolved into a high-tech surface with the ability to manage light in multiple ways.

Our FuturaScreen™ glass combines high reflectivity with high light transmission, it enables digital display and video screens to be fully viewable when required, and fully concealed behind a mirror surface when not.

To view our entire Interior and Decorative range go to:

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