Fire Rated Glazing Adds Light and Fire Protection

Date: 26 April 2013
Clear glazing in healthcare occupancies is healthy for patients and workers, according to a study by The Center for Health Design.

What happens if a designer wants to add transparency to corridors, exit enclosures, exit stairways or exterior walls where fire and building codes require 1 or 2 hour fire ratings? There are economical, fire rated glazing products that comply with codes, offer built-in or passive fire protection and add light into healthcare interiors."Total building fire protection for life safety is more necessary in healthcare occupancies than other occupancies, because of the nature of the occupants," wrote NFPA Technical Committee member Daniel O'Connor.A review of the National Fire Incident Reporting System data revealed that built-in  or passive fire protection limited fire spread to the room of origin in 90% of health-related buildings. Active fire suppression systems and speedy fire department response provided the other 10%.

2012 IBC Chapter 7 Tables 716.3, 716.5 and 716.6 list the types of fire rated glass and restrictions for 1-hour exit corridors, 1-hour exit/stairwell enclosures, 2-hour exit/stairwell enclosures, 1-hour exterior walls, and 2-hour exterior walls.



600450 Fire Rated Glazing Adds Light and Fire Protection
Date: 26 April 2013

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