Fire at Pilkington plant in San Salvo. Over 20 millions in damage.

Date: 31 January 2007

A huge fire flared up on Saturday 27th, shortly after 9 am, inside the Pilkington plant in San Salvo - Italy. Still to verify the reasons, even if, on first assumptions, it could have originated from overheating of a cooling engine in the laminated glass assembling room.

The blaze seized the whole factory building consisting of over 300 square meters. 20 workers present inside the building at the moment, were luckily able to escape the dramatic accident and give the alarm, after having tried, in vain, to extinguish the huge fire.

The fire has been extinguished only later in the evening and has asked for an incredible deployment of forces, all the while, the tankers came in from Vasto, Ortona and Chieti.

Over 20 millions in damage. This is the first appraisal made by the management for the fire flared up in the Pilkington department where automotive windshields are made.


600450 Fire at Pilkington plant in San Salvo. Over 20 millions in damage.

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