Entry Into The Cover Glass Business For Photovoltaic Power Generation

Date: 11 May 2010
Source: Central Glass Co., Ltd
In preparation for our entry into the promising photovoltaic cell market, Central Glass is pleased to announce its decision to launch commercial production of highly-transparent figured cover glass (hereafter “cover glass”) for crystalline silicon-type and compound-type solar cell modules.

In line with this move, we have decided to restart operations of the roll-out figured glass line (glass-melting furnace) at our Matsusaka Plant in Mie Prefecture around April 2011, whose production has been suspended since July 2009.In addition to the launching of cover glass business for photovoltaic power generation, we also plan to restart production of figured glass for the construction industry.
Although all cover glass used in the Japanese market is currently imported, our domestic production will meet the demand of the market. Also, to improve the performance of power-generation solar cell modules, we are positively engaged in offering technical advantages including the development of more efficient anti-reflection coatings for cover glass.
We will proactively go ahead with the continued development of environmentaland energy related businesses to help bring about a low carbon society.

600450 Entry Into The Cover Glass Business For Photovoltaic Power Generation glassonweb.com
Date: 11 May 2010
Source: Central Glass Co., Ltd

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