Custom Mirrors, Custom Glass, Table Tops And More From Bull’s Glass

For over 40 years Bull’s Glass and Screen has been providing Bay Area clients with beautiful, functional custom glass solutions for just about every application you can think of.

From replacement glass for a patio table to full custom shower enclosures to customized accent pieces, we have the knowledge and skills to help you choose the glass that’s right for your budget and the bold look you’re going for.Creating custom glass is as much an art as a science, and we take a lot of pride in the art we create. Here are some of the options available for the glass you want in your home!


Typically when most people say glass, this is what they’re thinking of. Window glass has to be durable enough to withstand extremes of weather and temperature but allow in light and permit exterior visibility. Window glass may be plain, beveled or etched for a bold accent look. Bevels and etching are usually fixtures of main entries like front and back doors. Beveled glass is cut on a slant around the sides, providing a gem-like appearance when viewed at an angle, while etched glass has a design burned into the glass. Frosted glass is essentially etched glass without a pattern, or with the pattern traced in clear glass during the etching process.


After windows, mirrors are the most popular kind of glass. Like windows, mirror glass may be plain, etched or beveled. Unlike traditional window glass, mirror glass includes a backing that makes the mirror reflective. This backing is usually, but not always, silver in color. Mirrors can be used for full walls such as one might find in a home gym or the more customary bath and powder room applications. Mirrors can also be used in entryways to make the space appear bigger, as accent pieces in a sitting room or even give a dynamic and dramatic appearance to a custom tabletop. Because mirror glass is available in multiple colors and styles, it’s easy to get the perfect look for the space you’re updating, from basic silver reflective in the bath to a bold gray or bronze mirror in the den.

Shower Enclosures

Glass shower enclosures are becoming very popular, and the number of ways these can be constructed are nearly endless. Choose clear or frosted glass, etched or plain, regular or beveled. Colored or tinted glass is also an option, depending on the type and style you want. A transparent shower enclosure is a good choice for singles or couples without young children, while a translucent shower enclosure offers more privacy without sacrificing light transmission.


Glass tabletops are a frequent repair item. Although tabletops are generally designed to stand up to prolonged abuse, accidents such as fumbling a tabletop when moving or dropping a heavy serving tray can shatter them. When choosing the perfect glass for your tabletop, consider factors such as:

  • Is this piece only for accent or daily use?
  • Tables that are meant more for display or sedate dinner parties than rowdy family gatherings often need less reinforcement and can use lighter glass. These sorts of tables may also lend themselves better to dramatic aesthetic statements than a table whose uses are more utilitarian.
  • What kind of punishment does it need to be able to withstand?

  • If the table’s only going to be holding up flowers, plates and possibly the force of an adult’s elbows pressing on it with any kind of regularity, a lighter glass is a better option. For example, if you serve a lot of buffet-style dinners off a sideboard, the table won’t need to resist as much force or be exposed to as much strain. Low-iron glass improves clarity and visibility, while a water-pattered, textured or “pebbled” glass adds flair to your dining room. For homes where the table is the figurative if not actual center of the house, consider a heavier, reinforced glass to help prevent accidents and injuries due to breakage.
  • Is the table the visual focus of the room?
  • What is the overall design aesthetic I’m looking for?

By answering these questions, you can better screen out what kind of glass will best suit your needs.


Nearly any kind of glass can be pressed into service as an accent piece. Generally, these glasses tend to be darker, mirrored or etched, but a clear glass accent piece such as a grease pencil board in the kitchen is a viable option. For a sleek, ultramodern look one might consider an abstract geometric etched pattern with bevels. For a more traditional appearance, floral etching or a translucent or textured panel might be ideal. In areas of the home where serenity or privacy are the underlying ideals, water-pattered or pebbled glass is generally a good option. As with tabletops, the first thing to ask is how crucial the piece is to tying together the entire space. This will help determine where it is placed and what kind of glass and accent work should be incorporated into the design.

At Bull’s, we know how important glass is to the safety, security and comfort of your home. Our in-house design staff will be pleased to help you choose the perfect glass for your needs, installed by technicians who bring over two decades of experience and care to every job they do. For more information about choosing the perfect glass, or to see the possibilities for your home’s unique needs, visit our showroom at 1362 S. De Anza Boulevard in San Jose or call us at 408-725-4070. If you’re updating your home, we can make sure your glass reflects everything you want the world to see!

600450 Custom Mirrors, Custom Glass, Table Tops And More From Bull’s Glass

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