Curvet presents its first solar electric panel in a curved glass version

Date: 5 October 2002
Source: Curvet
The collaboration between Curvet Spa from Pesaro, an unrivalled market leader in its sector which for the last 25 years has specialised in manufacturing safety glass and curved glass, and Bekaert ECD Solar Systems LLC , the only manufacturer of flexible solar cells and solar modules with brandname UNI-SOLAR®, has resulted in a solar electric glass panel in a curved form.

This discovery is perfect to satisfy the needs of the latest trends in contemporary architecture, which tends more and more often to favour self-reliant buildings able to support their own needs by generating power, so that they are also able to establish a harmonious symbiotic relationship with their surrounding environment in terms of form.

Glass, a highly ecological material in a way that it can be easily re-cycled and photovoltaic or solar electric cells, meet in this highly innovative product that generates solar power (a renewable form of energy) making its use completely eco – friendly. It is the only photovoltaic panel able to meet the demanding forms of today’s big names in architecture, famous for their all-enveloping curves which rather than jutting out uncomfortably blend in perfectly with their contexts, in terms of “form”, they respectfully ease into their surroundings in a harmonious integration.

Solar electric power is a form of renewable energy, an energy for the future in that this technology makes it possible to transform sunlight into electricity, by using the nature of certain materials which have been specially treated (including silicon, a naturally occurring resource), to act as semiconductors which generate electrical power directly when capturing the sun’s rays, there is no need to burn any type of fuel. The simple device that makes this conversion possible is the solar electric or photovoltaic cell.

600450 Curvet presents its first solar electric panel in a curved glass version
Date: 5 October 2002
Source: Curvet

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