Corning Launches Eagle XG(TM) LCD Substrates

Date: 26 October 2007
Source: Corning
Corning Incorporated announced the commercial  launch of EAGLE XG(TM), the industry's first liquid crystal  display (LCD) glass substrate that is free of all heavy  metals.

"Corning continues to create customer value  through the minimization of potential costs related to  environmental regulations and recycling challenges,"  said James P. Clappin, president, Display Technologies.  Clappin announced the industry's most environmentally friendly LCD glass during the DisplaySearch  US FPD Conference in San Diego, Calif.

"EAGLE XG is a green substrate that provides added  value for panel manufacturers, and the entire TFT-LCD value  chain, while retaining all of the process benefits and  attributes of EAGLE2000(TM), another innovative glass composition from Corning that has become the industry  standard," Clappin continued. "EAGLE XG is an environmentally friendly glass that is the first of its kind. The value it provides to our customers will continue  to increase as future environmental regulations are  introduced. As an industry leader, Corning continues to  deliver products that help our customers worldwide to be  successful, both now and in the future."

EAGLE XG is the first and only LCD glass to be  completely free of heavy metals, including arsenic. As with EAGLE2000, it is also free of antimony and barium, and  halides such as chlorine and fluorine. These materials, added by some glass suppliers during their manufacturing  process, can produce potentially harmful manufacturing  by-products.

As one of the world's leading technical innovators,  Corning has consistently brought new compositions to the  LCD industry since the earliest stages of its development.  Corning produced the first LCD glass substrates that were  used by Japanese LCD development labs, leading to the first  TFT LCD products in the mid-1980s. Corning introduced  EAGLE2000 substrates in the year 2000 that provided  customers with new benefits and glass attributes, including  very-low glass density, higher chemical durability and  advanced thermal properties. EAGLE XG glass retains the  benefits of these advantageous properties, while adding an  increased level of environmental friendliness through its  advanced composition and manufacturing processes.

600450 Corning Launches Eagle XG(TM) LCD Substrates
Date: 26 October 2007
Source: Corning

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