Clearly smarter and brighter – New Guardian SunGuard Glass options

Ever since glass has been featured as a mainstream commercial building material, architects have challenged manufacturers to find innovative ways to allow them to create new and exciting projects.

Requirements for optimum visible light, low solar heat and increased heat retention, in either completely neutral glass or with advanced decorative finishes have become a well established expectation.Many of these challenges push the boundaries of physics to the very limit. For example, high light transmission and low solar factor contradict each other, as do high solar factor and very low thermal insulation. Yet somehow manufacturers continually reset the goal posts with new and innovative products. This has never been more evident than with the launch of two new advanced glass products from Guardian Industries: SunGuard SuperNeutral 70/35 and SunGuard High Durable Diamond 66.

SN 70/35 allows a high light transmission of 70 percent combined with a low solar factor of just 35 percent and an optimum 1.0 U value performance. This is achieved in an almost neutral glass which has just 5 percent colour distortion and allows architects to create anything from a large glazed facade to a casement window which offers the ideal level of energy balance between the inside and the outside of the building.

“This is the most desirable product in our SunGuard range,” said Paul Anderson, Architectural Specifications Manager at Guardian Industries. “SN 70/35 offers exceptional performance in a solar control glass that is so neutral, it could almost be mistaken for a Low E”. The new SunGuard SN 70/35 will be replacing SunGuard SN 70/37.

Joining SN 70/35 is the new Guardian SunGuard HD Diamond 66. For many years, architects have driven the design of glass products towards low reflection and completely neutral glass. However, with the advent of projects like the Shard in London, there is a new design demand for completely neutral glass with a highly reflective surface. The challenge: to create a clear glass that has a high level of shine and reflection without compromising the light transmission or the views through the glass. SunGuard HD Diamond 66 meets the challenge, creating bolder and brighter buildings. Most commonly used in double skin facades, HD Diamond 66 is the ideal product for high-profile projects looking to make a statement on the skyline of any city.

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600450 Clearly smarter and brighter – New Guardian SunGuard Glass options

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