Centrosolar presents two new products at the Intersolar trade fair

New solar power storage system based on lithium ions - 60-cell solar module with special glass on the front and back sides       Centrosolar will present two new products at this year’s Intersolar trade fair.

The first is a new solar power storage system based on lithium ions. This allows households to store and use electricity generated using a PV system around the clock. The second is the high-performance module S-Class Vision 60 black equipped with a special type of glass on both sides, which is just two millimetres thick. Intersolar Europe is the leading trade fair for the solar industry and will take place from 19 to 21 June 2013 in Munich, Germany.


Solar power storage system based on lithium ions

The Cenpac Storage Li is a comprehensive energy storage system that contains modules, inverters, a mounting system and a storage battery. The system stores the energy generated from a photovoltaic system and makes it available whenever the household requires electricity. This means that electricity is available during the night and on days when the light is poor.

At the heart of Cenpac Storage Li is the lithium ion-based Engion Family storage battery from VARTA Storage. The cells have an expected service life of up to 6,000 charge cycles and a loading capacity of 90 per cent. The storage system is designed to last for more than 20 years based on a rate of 250 charge cycles per year. The in-built emergency power option ensures power is supplied in the event of a power failure.

The high capacity of the Engion Family storage battery means it can be adjusted to suit individual requirements. The system operates according to a modular design principle and can be expanded on a modular basis from 3.7 kWh up to 13.8 kWh. Additional modules can be built in at any time if household power consumption increases. The storage system grows with your needs. The modular design prevents the entire system from breaking down if a battery module fails. Furthermore, any future developments in battery technology can be integrated at any time. The storage system can be installed together with a new photovoltaic system or added to a pre-existing one.

Premium photovoltaic module S-Class Vision 60 black with thin glass bonding system

Centrosolar’s new S-Class Vision 60 black photovoltaic module is an innovation in solar technology. The module is equipped with a special type of solar glass on the front and back sides. As pioneers in the field of glass/glass modules, Centrosolar significantly reduced the thickness of the glass and used a special type of hardened glass just two millimetres thin for the first time. The cutting-edge antireflective coating on the front guarantees high yields. Second generation glass technology means the module is just as light and easy to install as a glass foil laminate of the same size.

The S-Class Vision consists of 60 high-performance cells and generates an output of 240 Wp to 260 Wp. The cells are considerably better protected against environmental influences and mechanical wear and tear thanks to the glass bonding system. This means the service life is significantly longer than that of modules with a back side foil. The module is extremely versatile and offers a range of installation options. It can be installed either upright or horizontally, with or without frames and as an on-roof or in-roof system.

The S-Class Vision also has the aesthetic appearance of a high-end product. The framed version of the module includes a black frame and black back side glass. This unified, dark appearance gives the module a stylish finish and allows it to form a harmonious surface on the roof.

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Date: 29 April 2013
Source: www.centrosolar.de

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