Always Leading the Way - Suntuitive Dynamic Glass by Pleotint

Always Leading the Way - Suntuitive Dynamic Glass by Pleotint
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Date: 12 November 2018

Pleijsier Bouw, Suntuitive Dynamic Glass and Sustainable Building Practices

For more than 100 years Pleijsier Bouw has been a building company that takes a proactive approach to every project they encounter. Based in the Netherlands, Pleijsier Bouw produces structures of all sizes with a focus on non-residential buildings. 

They are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and very focused on the environment and energy efficiency in all they do. So when Pleijsier Bouw was developing a new corporate building that they would share with Borghese Real Estate, they had specific goals in mind and that included the glazing products.

“The building was designed to be open, with a lot of glass and without too many walls. To create an open structure, we chose not to use any sunscreens or other objects that will stand in the way of such a design. Therefore, we selected Suntuitive glass. The transparency and open structure is not only for the design of the building but also the appearance that both companies portray,” said Sep de Bruin of Pleijsier Bouw.

What is Suntuitive Glass and where did de Bruin and his team find it?  Suntuitive is the leading dynamic glass technology adopted all over the world.  Suntuitive is manufactured by Jenison, Michigan based company- Pleotint, LLC and over the last several years installations with their product have been appearing all over the globe.  When Romag’s Suntuitive representative Rik van Ogtrop of Hermans Techniglaz promoted the abilities of Suntuitive Dynamic Glass at a “Building Holland” event, it caught the eye of Pleijsier Bouw.

“We were thrilled that Hermans Techniglaz proactively and successfully represented the Suntuitive dynamic glass product line for this project along with proposing outstanding fabrication at our certified fabrication partner Romag,” said Jim Gresehover, Vice Presdent International Development.  “Suntuitive glass installations are on the rise all over the world and it’s exciting to be part of this spectacular building in the Netherlands. Once we heard what Pleijsier Bouw wanted for their building, we knew that Suntuitive was the perfect option for them.”

A major consideration for Pleijsier Bouw was the environment and doing right by it with the products they chose to be in their newest building.

“We are an innovative company and sustainability is one of our priorities. As a forward-thinking company it’s very important that the design of our new office is sustainable,” added de Bruin.

Another important factor for both Pleijsier Bouw and Borghese Real Estate was occupant comfort and Suntuitive’s ability on the daylighting side was a major difference.

“Natural light was also one of the reasons to use Suntuitive glass. Research concludes that natural light is better for the health of employees and we as employer wanted to create a healthy and active working environment for everyone at Pleijsier Bouw and Borghese Real Estate.”

Sustainability and natural light are just two of several advantages that the Suntuitive product brought to the building as Gresehover of Suntuitive explains.

“We truly believe our product has grown quickly in the global space because it offers so many positive attributes. Glare control, view preservation, control of solar heat gain, energy savings, thermal comfort, noise reduction, safety, security, and the absolute easiest installation in the entire dynamic space. All of these factors are in play in this building, which is similar to all others we’ve produced for globally.”

The new structure for Pleijsier Bouw and Borghese Real Estate opened in August of 2018 and they are still awaiting word on two very exciting developments. The building is up for certification through the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method also known as BREEAM, which is the highest achievable rating in the field of sustainable certification in Europe as well as a WELL-GOLD designation that would make them one of the first in the Netherlands with that award.

Additional Details:


Pleijsier Bouw (Netherlands)

Dynamic Glass Manufacturer:

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass

Glass Fabricator/Distributor

Romag/Hermans Techniglaz


HARO Aluminum (Netherlands)

Architect/Design Team:

MIES Architecture. They designed the building together with Pleijsier Bouw and Borghese Real Estate.

Date of Completion:

August 2018

600450 Always Leading the Way - Suntuitive Dynamic Glass by Pleotint

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